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Stephen the Levite - John the Baptist
(from the album The Appetizer)
© copyright 2010

Verse 1:
Yo, what the deal wit’ this, voice crying out in the wilderness/
“Make the ways of the Lord straight, no hills in it”/
Level out the valley’s make plains, He’s revealed to kids/
Prophesied by Isaiah, He’s fulfilling it/
Spirit of Elijah with the same clothes killing it/
Camel hair and a leather belt no frills in it/
What did you expect to see, some kind of silkiness/
Not a reed bent easily he was built for this/
More than a prophet, he’s a man on a pilgrimage/
The messenger, written of in Malachi, spilling it/
“Repent of your sins, He can cleanse all your filthiness/
There’s a new era coming through, can you get with this.

The Kingdom of Heaven’s at hand (get with it)/
Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven’s at hand (get with it)/
And switch, the Kingdom of God is at hand (get with it)/
Ya dig? The Kingdom of Christ is at hand (get with it).

Verse 2:
Check the hype bruh, cats call John “the Baptizer”/
Wild style vow since a child, Nazerite stuff/
Cousin of the Son, born of parents that are righteous/
Leaping in the belly when the fetus of the Christ comes/
Mary and Elizabeth can identify, “the/
Spirit of the Lord is in here” queue the choir/
Not a lot of singing from the pops Zechariah/
Vocalizing doubts had him silent for the nine months/
Neighbors get floored when the Lord broke his silence/
Couldn’t even chat, now the cat prophesies stuff/
All that God’s done got them wondering the kind of/
Man he’s gonna be, a strong beast from the wild ‘cause/
Fast forward, John’s at the Jordan spitting fire/
“Bear fruit…axe is at the root…brood of vipers”/
There’s a new steeze and you’ll see the Messiah/
Is comin’ next, I’m just here to prep ’til His time ’cause…


Verse 3:
Peep the drama; Christ comes just like he taught us/
John baptizes little cousin in the water/
Dove drops with a little ac’ from the Father/
Saying that He’s pleased with Him, leaving them awestruck/
dudes must’ve missed when he spit what his job was/
Seeing that when Jesus baptizes, all come/
Upset, thinking He’s a threat to what John does/
Not so, John got low, giving props up/
“I need to shrink so that he can be honored/
He holds the mic, I’m the hype man, I’m not much/
He get’s the Bride, I’m the side groom it’s not dumb/
I’m gonna rejoice at his voice, I’ll be all done/
Same team, say the same thing, see the plot bruh/
Last words lotta cats heard before he got plucked/
Later on he fades from the pages he’s got one/
Scenes left, he will see death, but it’s fine ’cause…


Verse 4:
End the saga, foul plot, mouth got him locked up/
There for a while, so His doubts start to pop up/
Sent a couple cats just to ask “was I wrong ‘cause”/
Came back, telling of the acts He’d accomplished/
After peeps left Jesus was repped for them hard bruh/
Saying he’s the greatest man born of a mama/
Wonder what the reason they seized him at all was/
Let me go back, show the wackness upon us/
Herod wiled took the spouse of his Mom’s son/
John put him on blast saying it was wrong but/
He’s shook, knowing peeps took him for a prophet/
She’s not, fiending for the opp just to squash them/
Chance comes, he received a dance from her daughter/
“Anything you want will be yours” is the offer/
Mama says, “bring me John’s head on a charger”/
But he’s just a finger, the Kingdom of God comes.