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Timothy Brindle - The Completeness Cypher
(from the album The Restoration)
© copyright 2012

Verse 1: S.O.
Talking about the Master who was massacred/
Killed by non pacifists; read the Lordís passion its/
Real Iím so passionate; canít keep it in the cabinet/
Keeping it going spitting strong 16s seem inadequate/
Iím speaking on the depths of His death/
See the tone of the atonement was to rescue and yet/
There are various components that I rest and inspect/
I promote it not demote it, do you get I am kept/
Because He saves Iím calling saints/
Now letís bask in His holy ways and know His grace/
Since He died we are justified fully so we praise Him/
Fatherís wrath is satisfied sanctified and changing/
Complete in Adonai pray to never cave in/
Gets deep forever God perfect love is fragrant/
Created, He made us and saves us see His patience/
Unchanging and gracious His love is so amazing!

Verse 2: JíSon
Every time you put your face in the text/
Itís God breathed how does it feel inhaling his breath/
Itís Alive
when weíre talking the word were talking sufficiency/
From wisdom-literature, psalms, prophets, gospel to history/
Thereís no book in the world to compare the word with/
Divinely inspired and He divinely persevered it/
Complete when the canon was closed let me help you through it/
Donít be confused thereís simply just no more adding to it/
Itís true itís profitable for rebuke and correction/
Equips us for every good work while purging our imperfections/
Ohh yes itís a blessing and display of his grace/
He uses the word as a portrait so we could see his face/
But Wait! His words will pierce through your souls, sharp/
With divine precision getting rid of your old heart/
Our minds are filled with it but skeptics canít deal with it/
Still itís amazing that God can be revealed in it!

Verse 3: Stephen the Levite
The church is complete in Him you canít compete with Him/
So keep your strength because if you beef with her then you beef with him/
And he defeats contenders/
Beats contentious little week pretenders/
With secret agendas for the legal tender/
It ainít that secret is it/
Sorry itís hard for me to keep attentive/
Iím speaking on how Jesus completes the Christian/
But more how the church is complete for mission/
She will see itís ending/
Itís a promise that youíve probably seen in Scripture/
And this may seem offensive/
But representation from your missions board or organization may not be attending/
She doesnít need your business/
Her shepherd is Jesus and sheís been gifted/
With pastors, teachers and others lead equippers.

Verse 4a: Tony Wray
(Yo!) In sanctification only the most can boast/
(So) We thank and we praise Him, Heís holy, kadosh, kadosh/
ĎCause thereís no merit in us, itís the work of Godís Spirit in us/
Making us the Son of Godís mirror image/
He carried the crossbeam for Adamís rebellious offspring/
To die as a vicarious offering/
He did it Ė Golgotha Hill, Submitted to the Fatherís will/
Heíll finish what He started ítil weíre with Him and itís all fulfilledÖ

Verse 4b: Mike Wray
Immediately after this weíll be where our Master is/
(Heaven) True peace and happiness where we will see Him as He is/
(Present) Itís just a glass thatís dim where we battle with sin and regret it/
Yet itís cast to the wind when weíre alas with Him in His presence/
Never alone Ė dying and crying behind us/
The brightest of robes Ė Shekinah shinning like diamonds in Shamayim of Gold/ Excited, invited weíre like the Messiah enthroned/
Weíre finally homeÖ

Verse 5: Godís Servant
Ay yo, completely complete we, truly and deeply/
Have moved from the two to a unit that chiefly/
Provides us a picture of union thatís sweetly/
Profound and itís found through the Church and her Kingly/
Husband, who loves them, died, it was rugged/
But rides for His bride to provide her a covenant/
Marriage is firstly a picture of mercy/
That God would commit to a people unworthy/
This bindís not the kind that our sin could abolish/
Cause no, His involvement is kept by His promise/
And so, the pleasure and bond of the friendship/
How grand is the standard thatís standing till death splits/
Vile and weíre wretched, and while thatís correct/
This God has desires, and kind to express/
in marriage though itís temporary and ends/
In glory weíre forever together married to Him!

Verse 6: shai linne
Godís will is the deepest, reveals this completeness/
The whole Bible finds its fulfillment in Jesus/
From the battles and fights to the tabernacle sacrifice/
Where the cattle was sliced, itís all shadows and types/
That point to Jesus Christ like an index finger/
The Best King of love who removed deathís stinger/
The cross is the pinnacle of Godís revelation/
Defeated death and Satan bringing cosmic restoration/
The resurrection proved the honesty of every statement/
In Christ everything that God promised is yes and amen/
Your mind spinning, soon the bottom of the ninth inning/
When it all comes together in Christ- No John Lennon!

Verse 7: Timothy Brindle
(Christ) delighted in God before He was a boy/
Became human to give us His completeness of Joy/
For the best pleasure the elect have been predestined/
Secured by the Lord in His death and resurrection/
ĎCause Psalm 16 was Your prayer to the Father/
Fullness of Joy, You inherit for all the/
Co-heirs of Your God since You were bearing the Cost/
By Your merits and Cross, now we share in this honor/
He feasts His priests and priestesses/
With the treats of Jesusí Obedience/
With Peace thatís complete in sweetnesses/
In ever-increasing completeness and unceasing gifts/
The Fullness of Your Deity and Holiness is completing me/
When my soul is conceiving and beholding all Your Scenery/
Resurrected, from death restored/
At Godís Right HandĖChrist Is His Pleasures forevermore!!!