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The Collective - Bad Good Works
(from the album The Collective)
© copyright 2013

Verse 1: Timothy Brindle
Yo–your good works are bad/
On top of that, your bad works deserve God’s curse and wrath/
In the Bible, our works are as perverse/
As a women’s menstrual cycle’s dirty pad/
Over God, we preferred pervert mags/
And lived ungrateful like jerky brats/
As depraved as a varment rat/
(Hold up–a rat can’t sin–so we’re worse than that)/
Since we’ve spurned God’s Worth, He’s mad/
And you can’t turn off His Furnace with a thermostat/
Good works can’t earn His favor/
And His burning anger–you can’t turn it back/
Then how can us slaves be purchased back/
And resurrected from our hearse and bag/
Only by the Works of a Holy Person/
Who never murmured but served Him glad/
Who is more spotless than a perfect calf/
And on the Cross cried “Have Mercy, Dad!”/
I’m sure Satan smirked and laughed/
But on the 3rd day Christ left the serpent smashed/
Since our best works and acts/
Are really dirty shirts with turds and crap/
Come to Christ and be certain that/
You’ll be wrapped up in His perfect Turban-Cap!

(Timothy Brindle)
What can I do to be working for God/
(Zae da Blacksmith)
Working For God means your cursed by the law/
(Stephen the Levite)
Don’t put your trust in the deeds that you’ve done
‘Cause the work of God is to believe in His son.

Verse 2: Zae da Blacksmith
Imagine Him just lamping in His Trinity all handsome and shimmering/
In glorious splendor that’s been flashing for infinity/
Looking below and beholding all of these little things/
Including all of us with our flaws distorting His imaging/
He knows the Fathers standards must demand perfection/
Then His heart fills with compassion and He thrusts forth into action/
He jumps inside a sack of flesh and masking His perfections/
Condescends and lives the perfect life hence the resurrection/
And there’s never walked another one among us without faults or blunders/
Fought the fight and won but hung so sinners can become His brothers/
The one whose very words perform the greatest works you’ll see/
Who wakes out of His sleep and speaks to calm the raging winds and seas/
Who speaks to the dead and says “Lazarus arise!”/
Had He not called him by name all of the dead would have just come alive/
The Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Lord of Lords/
Ho Kristos, Mashiach, the Savior, mi Salvador/
Whose works were worth the purse to purchase awful chumps and jerks/
Who trust the Son to save them from the righteous wrath their works deserved/
So now our work is placing faith in Him who came to take away our sin/
By living righteous and laying His life to make us just like Him/
Our greatest work is faith & it works greatest placed in the Messiah/
Who came as a servant yet we serve Him as our Lord and Sire/
A Fire that’s all consuming and the source of life in humans/
I advise investing all your might in fighting to pursue Him.


Verse 3: Stephen the Levite
Since His works were perfect, and purchased/
A new heart for you inserted at rebirth/
It’s pertinent we observe this/
His effort is what gives our works worth, without Him their worthless/
Because we exist in a tension/
Between the God who lives in us, and the body we’re given to live in/
It’s urgent that we give attention to our intentions/
And murder absurd pride prying to pitch in/
Though the verdict was not guilty/
Our perverted thoughts were filthy, with dirt that, still leaves/
When it’s purged in continual, conversion/
Still clean but serve in the earth who’s dirt clings, to His servants/
You can’t earn gifts, but get to work cause there’s perks if/
Faithfulness is asserted, we’ve learned this/
The reward’s tested through burning/
The gold silver and precious stones we’re accredited, ‘cause He earned it/
We respond in faith to his Word then/
His grace ensures we get the strength to endure when, we’re working/
We’re His workmanship, and He’s the Workman with/
A plan laid in advance and we’re working it/
Not just smarter, but harder, in service/
To the Father, we worship, giving honor through verses/
We holler, his heirs live, through the excruciating labor/
Of the Savior who takes away what the curse did.