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The Collective - Blood Bath
(from the album The Collective)
© copyright 2013

Hook: Stephen the Levite
Whoís The Collective? Timothy, Levite, and the Blacksmith/
Sinners saved by grace wrapped in a strange package/
Whatís the Objective? To give cats the music their lacking/
And International Missions for anybody asking/
Whatís the message? The Lamb who was smashed on our behalf is/
The Master, raised from the grave and Godís wrath itís/
His passion to save lost cats on the wrong path get/
The blood bath and your heartís trash is all past itís/
The blood bath that rids all trash from Godís ransomed.

Verse 1: Timothy Brindle
The One who holds all atoms and matter together/
And Who is control of the patterns of weather/
Can snatch up your life and smash you forever/
ĎCause instead of God you preferred cash and some sex, bruh/
So fasting in Mecca or a Catholics best stuff/
And all your best acts are GHASTLYĖtheyíll never/
Pass on the standard He has as His Measure/
Youíll crack like a pretzel under His Majestyís Scepter/
ĎCause you treat Him as trashĖyouíre a blasphemous wrecker/
Spiritually insideĖyouíre the nastiest leper/
ĎCause the sin of your father Adam infests yaí/
It spread through your heart like a rash when it festers/
But God Heís filled with Compassion, however/
So He became Man and He passed through our sector/
His precious blood that He splattered can cleanse yaí/
(When) He took Godís WrathĖfrom His Dad He was severed/
Buried in the grave but He had to just get up/
The King who died is the Glad Resurrector/
So run to Him needy as if a beggar/
You have to confess that youíre actually messed up/
So believe in Him as Advocate, Shepherd, your Master and Treasure/
Heíll capture, impress yaí/
Youíll live happily ever after with pleasure/
ForeverĖHeís the Main Attraction and Center!

Verse 2: Stephen the Levite
Itís the blood bath dove soap, scrub souls, Sonís so/
Blood soaked cut open, young bones unbroken/
Love flowing floods cats come close, approach/
The Utmost, hung for the cut throats and dumb folks/
Up goes the One rose, dust hole is unclosed/
None stole, tons behold Him up strolling; Trust that/
Oneís told to ďtouch holes, trust, donít front holmesĒ/
Iíll come back be consoled; The Sonís wrath will unfold/
Itís the blood bath or the tongue lashing of the masses/
Clashing wití the Master is tragic you wonít last kid/
Youíre asking for bludgeoning, black thereís no budging Him/
2 paths for running in, both add up to punishment/
Thereís 2 blood baths, 1 is to cleanse you/
The otherís to rid the earth of the Sin thatís in you/
Thereís no baby in that bath/
Just sin that demands wrath, and since itís in you, He ends you/
And no there ainít a defense fool, this Judge doesnít bend rules/
Just a provision sent and Heís been human/
Itís Him with whom youíve been dueling and losing/
Confused trying to refute the truth Heís using/
But donít refuse Him; yes Heís gracious/
But not the one feud with; donít test His patience/
His time isnít wasted, through faith you can claim a Replacement/
Who drank wrath so you donít have to taste it/
So bathe in his grace or wait till its restraint ends/
And be one of the crushed grapes He bathes in.

Verse 3: Zae da Blacksmith
Iím just one of three collected cats to bust raps/
With intentions to spread the blessed blood bath/
We recruit with the truth so you can hashtag assemblers/
And spit what we bit from the fruit like Mac emblems/
Fruit from the Spirit in case youíre getting it backwards/
Thatís something for the critic thatís thinking I said bad word/
But donít try to get by and rely on bad good works/
And fry in the fire like something a wack cook burnt/
Forsake your boasting and toss all your hopes on/
The King who was slain for the lost and heart broken/
So stop trying to rule like Genghis Khan or some Cesar/
And come get with some conquerors like Joshua and Jesus/
Hope He knocks on your hearts door and kicks it off the hinges/
Or just creep in while you sleeping on some strictly 4 my ninjas/
He can bring ya to the Kingdom you can enter in His flock/
He might break ya but He gives a second nature like your walk/
And though itís rugged like youíre broke and youíre toughing your way through college/
Oh, you gonna learn to develop some ergonomics/
Iím strapped for war and I brought a couple of friends/
Like Peter in the garden but trust the Lordíll avenge/
The Collective, Timothy, Levite and Da Blacksmith/
Blessed by the ruggedest tracks from Theory Hazit/
We rep Christ whether at home or abroad/
Gripping mics and living life to the glory of God