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DC Talk - Mind's eye
(from the album Jesus Freak)

You know what I'm going through
l know (that) it's true
Cause you've stood in my shoes
Desire's inside of me
But, it's hard to believe
In what you cannot see

Can you catch the wind?
See a breeze?
Its presence is revealed by
The leaves on a tree
An image of faith in the unseen

In my mind's eye
I see your face
You smile
As you show me grace

In my mind's eye
You take my hand
We walk through foreign lands
The foreign lands of life

In my mind
I'm where I belong
As I rest in your arms
And like a child I hold on to you
In my moment of truth

We can ride the storm
Endure the pain
You comfort me in my hurricane
And I'll never be alone again

[ repeat chorus ]

Can you catch the wind?
Can you see the breeze?

In my mind I can see your face
Love pours down in a shower of grace
Life is a gift that you choose to give
And I believe that we eternally live
Faith is the evidence of things unseen
People tell me that your just a dream
But they don't know you the way that I do
You're the one I live to pursue