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Lecrae feat. J.R. - Grateful
© copyright Lecrae

Father, You're so good/We just wanna thank You on this one, Lord/It's all about You, Lord/

Clap/Put your hands together/If you love Jesus Christ, put your hands together/Clap, clap/Put your hands together/If you're in love with God, put em together

Lord, You've done so much for us/Look at the faith, You entrust to us/and plus, You're benevolent/God, it's evident/You're the giver of the life that we're cherishing/You walk on winds/majestic flawless/You saved the lost, redeemed the lawless/I thank You for letting me know You/Fortunate that I should even get to behold You/Lord, I'm lowly/You chose me to witness Your glory by being made Holy/You know me, my ins and outs/you calm all of my anxieties and end my doubts/'Thank you to the Holy Spirit living within me/Though times I may grieve You, the Son has cleansed me/No longer fear the terrors of night/If 10,000 fall on my right, I'll call on Your might

Lord, I'm grateful for all that You are to me/I'll walk with you daily/but still it amazes me/how You never change/never change/never change/Your love, it stays the same/stays the same/stays the same

Goodness, gracious, Lord/anybody in the hood ever taste this before?/been chased by the Lord, been embraced by the Lord/got me sittin back just givin' thanks to the Lord/but even in the midst of that there's plenty of little things I forget to add/all these little things I will miss so bad/let me take a second and mention that I appreciate the things You do and worship is more than just trying to sing to You but still you know we're gonna sing to You and say thanks for some other little things You do/Thanks for the mornings that You open my eyes and I don't see 20/20 but I see alright/Thank You, Lord, yeah, I can see that sky/You created with the sun, yeah I can see that rise/Thank You

Thank God I can rest in You/You're perfect, my life I invest in You/Your mercy endures/Your Grace is sufficient/You're holy and pure You gave me vision and some say they wanna touch the sky but I rather touch the God who can justify/ the ocean, the mountains, the clouds amaze me / I can't believe I know the God that made these / sometimes I can be that guy who takes for granted the breathe I breath inside/ yes, I'm fearfully and wonderfully made these are gifts that you've given even to the depraved and if your boy wasn't saved you would still deserve praise, you're the God of ages / I'm glad I can open your pages see with amazement all your wonderful ways