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Lecrae - Get low
© copyright Lecrae

I really shouldn't trust myself/because without God I'm nothing but dust myself/so full of pride, I disgust myself/so I stay trying crucify and crush myself/I ain't trying to say I hate myself/but my sin nature got me tryin to praise myself/so i get low, prostrate myself/and pray to God that I don't play myself/Folks actin like Nebachanezzar/like they feet don't stink, like they got it together/ God had to break em down, put em back together cause He looks to the humble to find His pleasure/ whether we missin hub caps or roll on dubs, the earth is footstool of the God above, check Isaiah 66 and face it, bruh/we are only significant because He raised us up/

Get low, this ain't one of them nasty songs, I'm talking about humble yourself before the Lord/Get low, you ain't gotta touch the floor but you gotta give props to the God who rose/Get low

This is easy, don't let me get comfortable/so full of myself, I'm comfortable/folks wantin you, the radio is pumping you, you start feeling yourself and now the Lord's gotta humble you/make sure you do a heart check, man/you tryin' to rep Christ or you're reppin' your name/are you in it for His glory or are you in it for the fame?/ cause God knows the truth and if you're doing it in vain/you think you're gonna miss your chance?/you trust in the Lord or in circumstance/cause God will open the doors for those who don't chase and hopin' for gold/I pray this song soak in your dome/so our God won't have to leave you broken to know that He's searching your heart and He's to bound to know if you're going for His name or if you're going for yours


Check Christ got low for days/He's the God in the flesh we supposed to praise/but He made Himself low like the folks He made and He died so our God has a rose in days ...and thats the way we do that, man'/we submit to the God who can do all things/call el eliyon/yeah, pursue that name/not the money, not the glory/ don't pursue that fame/walk in a manner worthy of your call you're a Christian/ come on now you knew that dog/yeah, I know it's kinda hard ever since the fall/humility hasnt made much sense at all/everybody sayin' it's all about you but naw/don't believe in the lie and don't trust it dog/just trust in the God who can crush us all but to those who He chose/yeah, he loves us all