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Rhymes Monumental - The Battle: Christ vs. The Deathstar

this is a tale of Christ vs. The Deathstar,
good vs. evil,
round one,
victory guaranteed my son,
the battle.

sundown in the city out comes the criminal,
lookiní for the innocent to corrupt with they wild styles,
Iím that superhero Rhymes chilliní at headquarters,
got a ring on the hotline,
time to go for mine,
with my evil nemesis Murder makiní many rounds around town,
cappiní whites, reds, yellows, blacks and browns,
then loaded up my weapons,
my bible and all my tracks,
jumped in the Christmobile,
rolled to the scenes of attack,
Murder wrapped the town square,
bloody eyes by his stare,
young child in the air by his dread-like hair,
got into my stance, said a prayer,
yelled out "youíre through!",
murder chuckled twice and screamed,
WHODAHECK are you??? Iím the sin smasher,
the hell crasher, the evil son basher,
Iíll take you out quick and clean,
you dirty rotten fiend,
fire in his eyes I could see his breath smokin,
Murder said I could for less sit back and start smokin,
letís get busy son, thereís no shame in my game,
when Iím through with you, of course youíll know my last name,
MONUMENTAL, Itís quite simple,
now make the first move,
he pulled out how he shot,
he blasts and he swung and he stabbed,
I unleash my sword and kinda blocked his gift to gab,
and now itís time for my secret plan,
so I called the man Murder got sweat in his hands
when he found out Christ was in my clan.

Tom Slick:
ooh wee, Tom Slick, thatís who I be,
I represent Christ since 9-3,
now somethingís goiní on in my fair city,
itís my arch enemy, Dr. Idolatry,
heís got a crew of fifty-two, maybe fifty-three,
unlike the black crows I give you the remedy,
all these false gods in the industry,
well you picked the wrong year to mess with me,
I canít start my name without using the "T",
I canít start my day without the B-I-B-L-E,
see I buzz in like a big bumble bee,
Abraham Lincoln didnít set me free,
now here comes the doctor straight from surgery,
with Buddha on his side with the master TV,
they want to change my sides, give up the G-O-D,
for lots of cash and the golden splintery,
they threw in lust with the cute booty,
they said Iíd live long and grow prosperously,
oh no, not for me because I study Tai-Chi,
now take these karate chops and get down to your knees,
Iím surrounded, direct, they ready to stampede,
I got on the wristwatch and called up my creed,
my crew stepped up and blew up like chemistry,
I turned around and watched the false gods flee-e-e.