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S.F.C. - D.J. Dove (Minister of music)
(from the album Phase III)

Stepping into the vocal booth
About to get loose
And speak truth to the youth
I set up to flow
(How ya gonna flow G?)
Latino style
The only way
I know

Pues es mejor que se pongan listo's
S.F.C. Soldado's para Cristo
Te van a dar
Another dope rhyme
Con un
Costa rican on the mic this time
Soy Dove el symbolo de paz
Y de paz te doy mas
Y mas y mas
Asi que abren a tus
Corazones y despues
Uno dos y tres
I keep flowin' on with this
(Wham, bam, right in your face man)
Pegando te
With bilingual tongues
Keepin' the enemy forces steadily
One the run
And shockin' em
Like a can of mace
They been hit with a
Fistful of
Latino grace!!