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S.F.C. - Freedom In Captivity
(from the album Phase III)

Succes is not in the natural
But succes is in the spiritual
You can't comprehend
Iner man chained in
Or should I say locked in
A san quentin
Every time your set free
You come right back
Like the man on crack
But it's not the crack
May I say it's the force
Behind it
When exposed
You never mind
Blinded but seeing
But not real seeing
Because there are thousands
Of human beings
Doin' the same
So it same
I proclaim
Labeled insane
So I stroll alone
But not a lonely heart
Both at the point
Where the road part
I chose the narrow road
Little sign say free
You chose the broad road
Big sign say free
But are you free?
Or freedom in captivity?

Cushite on the mic
Givin' sight
Reverse the curse
Salt of the earth
What is it worth
A lifetime
'Cause I strivin' for the after
But in the flesh
Time is the master
And it could be your disaster
If not used wise
Lee showed me
Matthew 8:34
Read it and watch me walk
I'm straight up like
Twelve on the clock
What I drop
Is just like brimstone
Burning through flesh and bone
Around your neck a milestone
You can't keep up with the step
Spirit has no pep
'Cause you won't accept
The food on your plate
Plus your carrying dead weight
You escape dead weight on me
Though my livins' not empty
Why tempt me
I won't yield
It just helps me do more
In the field
While I kneel
Seconds heavens warring
The Lord's pourin'
Blessing from on high
So why would you try to harm me
I'm a King's kid
Can't you see the army or it's the scales
That prevents this
From beeing seen
2 Kings 16:17
Read it
And you'll know what I mean
As I scream it seems
No one hears me
'Cause they're free?
Or are they free?
Or just freedom in captivity?

In a desert state
Of mind your own business
'Cause the flesh is an impediment
To walk upright
Instead your always uptight
No purpose in L.I.F.E.
Because there is no G.O.D.
Oh but there is
He gets a little G.
Very pu-nee
You never knew me
He'll say to thee
You did works
A documented fact
But He gives a gift
And doesn't take it back
You knew that
But chose to take the sell-out mission
You where high rollin'
So you didn't want to listen
Out there fishin'
But got snagged
By your own hook
Death it took
Now you see
You were free
But not really free
Just freedom in captivity