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Cross Movement - On the move
(from the album Human Emergency)
© copyright Juan James

Verse 1: I was predestined to reflect the Son, beaming His light.
His truth has me keen in my sight,
So I can see the true meaning of life.
He is Jesus the Christ, who rules His kingdom with might.

The redemption of our Lord
Means the Son became an extension cord
When His blood red as crimson poured
For our transgressions
His intervention bore
access in His ascension from the core made our redemption sure.

Life’s worth the living. New purpose given,
No more rhyming in vain
We make sure each rhyme’s shining his name
Some say we’re kind of lame for never minding the fame
We’re never apologizing for every album sounding the same.
No time for childish games
Cats are bound to drown in the flames
If they’re not found in His name.
We’re out to proclaim

On the rooftops, Ghettos
To the boondocks, agents
Spreading the fragrance of Christ like a perfume shop.

Chorus: To my breakers, beatmakers, arosol can shakers
Dj’s on the fader with the smooth rhymes sayers
Put the cross on the move,
Spread the good news of the Savior.

To my breakers beatmakers arosol can shakers
Dj’s on the fader with the smooth rhymes sayers
Take what the Lord gave you, and represent the Savior.

Verse 2: We don’t do as the world do.
We open up the scripture like oysters
To voice the pearl truths of God,
Which is anti-world view, it’s odd
How we storm your hood like twister
When we twirl through my squad.

Wear the chains to bear the name, If you ask us where is the fame?
We’ll say there in the flames.
If you only dig our flavor and name
And not the Savior who reigns,
Then our labors in vain.

We’d rather be cut off and pruned
For not producing fruit
Hip-hop influence the youth
That’s why we speak fluent in truth.

In cypher sessions
It sounds like we’re always lecturing
Cause we never kick rhymes
That only wins the respect of men.
When we flex the pen
It’s in hopes that men get with him
Who pays and pardons our debt to sin.

Forever representing Him
With no shame bold and plain
Kingdom Building
Cause the blue print of scripture don’t change.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3: I was sick with sin
Now I’m love sick for Him
Who’s blood dripped for men
The new covenants in Him
The new government begins,
Cause the Son gets the win
Over Satan and mans numbness to sin

Oneness with Him
Is what we’re hoping in
Come witness Him
Take the souls of men
And make them whole again

We live to make known to men
The atonement of sin
That turns those who offend
From foes to friends

Of the true and living,
Who’s forgiving the worst of sin
Committed by the worst of men
Lets reverse the trend.

Heads can’t discern the times
Even with the signs up.
If there’s no good news on your album
Then you’re in the wrong genre.

Repeat Chorus