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Cross Movement - Know me (huh, what?)
(from the album Human Emergency)
© copyright Juan James, Brady Goodwin, Jr., John Wells, William Branch

Enock: Do we truly know what the Lord cares about
let alone His where-abouts,
Godís not in these places where people think faith is coming to the Lord with there hands stuck out
Remember, the Lord dismissiní the droves cause they only came for the fish and the loaves,
true seekers of God are hard to find when you seek His heart and mind
Youíll start to find
Faith in the gospel,
thereís your gift, treasure it, watch out for those heretics
Who make God out to be some genie in a bottle like the Christina Agalera hit
Wheat and tares thereís a split be aware of it when the scripture hits you right
Itíll switch yaí plight, thatís how youíll know youíre out of darkness
And into light

The Ambassador: This beat is hot now I got to heat the spot
feed the flock and pray that non-believers stop
We grow together both weed and crop,
so you need to take heed to the seed I drop
Jesus, up in every piece I drop, timeís running out so we gotta beat the clock
Peep it Ock, I hear you smoke weed a lot you need the pot, you know that you need to stop.

You keep a knot, you got more doe than a pizza shop showiní all the gold teeth you got
You keep a fox in the front seat of the jeep you got (alarm sound) and you keep it locked
Wonít go to church tilí you Easter shop, new suit and shoes and a Easter top

People stop and say ďyo! Heís the shot, but God says ĎNo heís notíĒ
God is known to police the block Heís the cop, that aint afraid to squeeze the Glock
Ďbut He really loves me a lotí you donít know what His steez is or what His steez is not
You face the place where eternity is hot, Iím not afraid to say hell some need the shock
His wrath is laser sharp, I see the dot, trust Him before your breathin stops

The Tonic: Now letís stick to the text, though we wish men were X,
sinís hex mutates into death effect
Weed sex guns Lex and we love the Vex
Evilís got us wide open like Nasanex?
And for some, this lifeís like a major bet, they put all their chips up on a major set
But when they loose to the one with the major flex, ainít nothing left but a major debt
Yet itís more then a loss of pay, every body wanna floss and play, guzzle Covisier
Somebody better check Godís dossier He ainít accepting everything you want to toss His way
But you love the game, want the fame, not the blame, not the shame, not the pain, not the flame,
but itís all in vain, cause even demons know his name,
big boy
The Phanatik: You know His name but do you really know why He came before your gamesí up
I think you better find out, take a pause for the cause while you playing call a time out.
Boy, you ought to check in with the coaching staff,
running plays and donít know the half,
seeming like you making up your own meaning like you playin a game of bolder-dash

Taking common grace, look at the time you waste, I know you want to see His shining face, but youíre separated by time and space, til Jesus Christ came and climbed in our place and
Took the cross, took a loss,
tasted death then shook it off, Rose in three said roll with me like rotary now look at yaíll
Making noise with crazy joy like young bucks when they play with toys
Predestined since way back when man we go back like Lazy Boys but
All to Him and none to me, Ďwas pinned by sin like 1,2,3,
He healed me, filled me, saved me gave me life abundantly

Chorus: How could you say that we cool but you donít know me,
plus my word is foolish to you
But we can get to know one another
if you choose me we can take it further.

You donít know me, no you donít know me Ė know me
You donít know me, no you donít know me, no
But you can know me Ė know me, yeah you can know me Ė know me

You can know me, through Christ you can know me
What you know about this? Huh, what ? huh? huh? huh? what? what?