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Cross Movement - Love Life
(from the album Human Emergency)
© copyright John K. Wells

Verse 1: What is Life, when you ainít living right
Sight when your blind as night
Low level living, trying to perpetrate height
With all your might, you scrape, and you thug, and you fight
And refuse every invitation to come into the Light.
Whatís it like, to have to maintain, gain, life left lane, strife, death, pain, all in vain
This world will make a lot of promise to keep you high lit,
If your an earthbound thug, than youíve got what you get.
And donít even expect no more, you might as well plunder in this war,
But also expect the God of Heaven to one day tally up the score.

who you playing for, does your coach know the game
are you shooting with a ball thatís engulfed in flame.
Well if your tired of contract, you saw what it paid
Hold out right now, make your team force a trade.
It ainít a easy move, in fact itís hard But only real ball players play for this real rough squad.
Coached by the God, the one and only Jehovah.
And the first dribbling skill he teaches is the Cross over.
In fact He did it to perfection, without (no) question
Refer to the Holy play book for accurate recollection.
He seeking no names rookies, in which he never met
And those in foul trouble who admit their game is suspect.

Heíll turn a freshman in to an upper classer,
with joy and laughter, Heíll takeíem higher than NASA,
He can turn a Pimp into a shoínuff Pastor, turn a pathetic amateur in to a perennial master.
And heíll do more than these mere power displays, Heíll teach you His way, and make it John Blaze.
Cause ainít nothing lacking in Christ, and he loves to turn a thug to the Love Life. (But you donít hear us)

Chorus: Whatís the right life
more rugged than thug life
Itís the Love Life, Itís the Love Life.
Moí better than drug life, mug life or the club life
Itís the Love Life Yall (x2)

Bridge: How is it that your gonna go all out
When you really donít know what life is all about
Your wile-ing out, your wile-ing out.

Thug life ainít really what you hear them claim
Somebody always seems to have a better aim
Get out the game, get out the game
When Christ comes back to collect on Dues
Watch how many thugs gonna sing the blues
You better choose, Yo He canít lose.

Verse 2: All now here we go again.
New day and new flow again.
Mission, prove and show again. Let my Sis and Dunís know again.
Same stizzy and plan again.
Proclaim the God-Man again.
To the Dead Ėmannequins
Want clothes and places to stand again.
On the Bully, everybodyís high strung like a pulley,
You donít survive unless understand the game fully.
So as Godís aliens and strangers in this place
The only way we make it is to stay up in His face,
By prayer and grace, as sheep among wolves
We duck the buck shot and keep it moving with the hooves.
Tell me whatís rugged, to dwells with the murders and the thugged And have a four-pound and wonít even lug it.
You donít want to kill
But you will to keep it real,
You got a lot a heat some of these cold blooded cats need to feel.

Like Davy Crocket, youíll loose the hand rockets,
But thereís a crown of thorns that wonít let you cock it.
Thereís the one who was hit with the three spike bullets;
Who bleed all on your trigger and now you canít even pull it.
The shots pierced through His wrist and feet into the wood And He took it like a Savior like thug never could.
Like a God, Like a King, Like a Soldier at War
Who knew the cost of dying, and all that it was for.
All for us, who would never feel his pain,
But now we say to live is Christ and to die is gain
So Praise the true God in His wisdom and might
Who can turn a thug to the Love Life.

Repeat Chorus