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Cross Movement - On right now
(from the album Human Emergency)

Hook: Itís on right now
Kingdom people bring it on right now
We should get together
cause itís on right now
Let all the people know itís on right now
People get ready
*Bring it strong right now

Verse 1: Letís see--let me address you like a package
Thereís a disease you might not know youíve contracted
The fact is you can track this with no track list
Check the way you get better at sin with no practice
Though we laugh itís not funny when we ask if,
Youíre going to heaven and you say, ďYea, Iím BaptistĒ

Perhaps this rap is a way to get at this
An up-to-date, God honoring way to combat this
An even you can eat this meat, itís lean cut
Iíll make it plain like M&Mís without the peanuts
Study Scripture, and you can see thereís a muddy mixture
Saintís with aintís and both paint an ugly picture
Of the Savior---you know you paint with your behavior
Saltís your flavor, youíre supposed to shake what your Father gave ya

In the streets so men can peep your godliness
Weíre cities on a hill so if youíre saved it should be obvious.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: When a believer sins you better believe itís in contradiction
To his divine commission and his God given position
Itís hard pickiní the Christians their living like the planet is Real scandalous like Jerry Springer panelist
Time to switch the channel itís the God who can handle this
Heíll unscramble this, He knows the game like an analyst
Itís sad that we say we love God yet the bad acts
The world does we do too, and God gets a bad rap
Has that caused you any pain, if not I ask, ďWhy?Ē
ďThe worldís better!Ē You mean you believe that lie?

When youíre not living right youíre giving Christ a ďblack eyeĒ
When you love the world youíre having an affair like a black tie
Times are dark like a black sky
But the Sonís light can still shine bright at night like a catís eye
Thatís why as sure as bats fly every rap I
Do will have Jesus as Lord, Savior and Rabbi
He coming fast black, He came once, weíve passed that
Keep that on your mind like a flashback
You should have your bags packed, get out the maze like a lab rat Keep your eyes on Him and take them off of the NASDAQ.

Repeat Chorus

Itís on right nowÖ

Verse 3: To the true Christian would you listen
You need renewed vision, weíve got to rise like a schoolís tuition
Itís a Good News
mission, but guess whoís missing
You and me claiming to be in the pool fishiní
Whatís this? Afraid to go where rough is?
Bust this---weíve got the same Spirit that gave Peter his toughness
Plus this is what our Lord did when He touched us
Took a human frame and the He came where the dust was
I know you heard He got mad bloody and dirty
Laid His life down 3 years after He turned thirty
Then got up. Three days later the Savior shot up
Now you and I can get the Saviorís product

I said He got up. Three days later the Savior shot up
Now you and I can get the Saviorís product
Life and a pardon from sin. Chilliní with God with no end
Like life in the Garden again
Enough! Stop talkiní, start proviní your with it
Donít bluff - Start walkiní like moving your pivot.

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Weíve got to hold our ground Even though the world is gettingí colder now
The Spirit gives the power to get bolder now
Remember Godís chosen youíre a soldier now