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S.F.C. - Give um what we need
(from the album Phase III)

I look arround
My heart filled with sorrow
As hundreds seek to borrow
Friendship but only end up
Losing their grip
As they slip
Deeper into darkness
What sparks this
If they only knew
You won't find love
In a can of brew
Or anything the world
Be handin' you
Like dope women
Or a pocketful of cash
Fresh cars and drugs
Will only last for a fraction
Not even a millisecond
'Cause once they've possessed ya
They've wrecked ya
Now here's the point
To the lecture
Listen, I yell this
In the microphone
Man shall not live
By bread alone
And if he does
His spirit will starve
And the sculptures of death
Is what he carves
Of his life
Pains, sorrows and strife
But you don't have to hear that
On the cross
That was taken care of
By one Man who proved
His Love
Find the light
So you can clearly see this
That can't nobody do ya like
Are you ready
To be fed
Well let me feed
'Cause I got
What ya need
Like a band-aid
When ya bleed
I plant a seed
Don't step
With the majority
But a small sum
'Cause it will be
A small sum
Caught up with the Son
You are one
If not
That the reason
I break
On the rollin' tape
Layin' fact, that He's
Comming back
And I'm sure of that
As much as my skin is black
So I told Jack to get out that box
He's at the door
And knocks
Forget your
Shoes and socks
But bone out
Like a fox
After a rabbit
Or like a basehead
That gotta have it
Fiendin' screamin'
Give me some
Give me some
Give me some
Give me some
Not the crack rock
But the real rock
I drop
Non-stop around the block
Through the holy hip-hop
Not pop
But I will
Pop off in a min
With the word
'Cause I'm in it
I'm committed
See the target
And I hit it
And you never
Will forget it
Who the Son
Set's free
Is free indeed
So I'm gonna
Give um what they need
Give um what they need
And that's
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

I pick up my cross
And follow Christ daily
A lot of demons
Would like
To slay me
But because of Him
They have to obey me
Q.P. I shine
Like a spotlight
In the dark
A devil toughed my mic
And it blew him apart
It was loc
So all give um
A "B" for brave
But he went out
Like a gremlin
In a microwave
So don't even
Try to invade
The stage
Or you might get played
Like monopoly
Can't stop me see
'Cause I'm sold out bro
Shadrach, Meschach
And a bad negro
Ready to go trough
The fire
Even if he don't save me
Then I'll just be
A burnt offering
Unto thee
I'm free
So what I'm gonna
Punk out for
Some fame,
A name,
Some glory
And have hell
Be at the end
Of my story?
Naw that's not how I stomp
Like Idol King said
"Ain't nothin' in hell I want"
So I keep my hands up
With this world
I'm fed up
Men of God
What's up?
Get the net out
Before you toss it
I want to hear ya shout
About the One Who's
in control
Straight runnin' thing
So let me here ya scream
What's His name?
What's His name?
Who saved your soul?
Who's comming back?
Now bring it back