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Cross Movement - Backup
(from the album Human Emergency)
© copyright Brady Goodwin, Jr.

Verse 1: In the pages of the Bible, we see that God is from everlasting to everlasting
Now, weíre not about to drop an everlasting rhyme, but we are going to peer into a period when this everlasting being stepped into time.
Weíre going to start with the glorious resurrected Christ and work our way back, letís pick up on the story, now.

How should I put it to ya, itís time to wake up and smell the petunias
Go blastiní with dynamite like Junior
From room to room to the next room
They search for the body of Jesus, they better check the next tomb
Let the tabloids tell and sell this,
Jesus seen by more headz after His death then Elvis
But with real documentation, rockiní the nation
With hands on experience from high out of space and
Will knock your eyes out your face when
You see Him for who He is and not what he was
Before and after picture will hit ya with more laughter then Buddy Love
Plus no one does what He does, get you off the hook even though you fit the bloody glove.

Back up! This is true
weíre all guilty, but Jesus gets us off the hook,
now letís back up and take a look at how he does this, at the Cross.

Verse 2: Whoís that hangin there? What you mean you havenít yet heard?
Nah, what did he do? Wasnít it Barabasí turn?
Yeah, they let him go and took this man instead
He must have been real evil, how come they wanted him dead Ė this bad
Iíll tell you but itíll make you mad,
this guy here claimed that our God was his dad
That would mean that him and God were one in the same,
Iím sure God must be glad for what weíve done in His name
Takiní the Lordís name in vain, what an ignorant person
Iím sure he went down swinginí with a whole bunch of cursiní
He didnít move a muscle not even his lip
Well howíd the curtain get torn? When he died it just split
Youíre kiddiní! Nah, the only thing we heard him say all day was when he prayed Father forgive them.

Back up! Watching Him die seemed to be in sharp contrast to watching Him live. You wouldíve thought He was more fit for a crown, then for a cross. Yet still, this is where we meet our savior. Now letís back up and take a look at the life of this Lord. To get this view, weíll be using the eyes of the men of His day. Letís see what they see.

Verse 3: Hear ye, hear me, I suggest we swear in our new lord and king
Even though he didnít come with spears and swords to swing
Still, look at how he healed the sick in our villages
And tried to pretend that he was just here on a pilgrimage
Such modesty, this guy has either got to be the Messiah or the oddest guy that I done seen
Did you see him casually reverse Lazarusí casualty?
Plus I heard he had mad words for the Pharisees
Iíve seen enough, bring out the throne and crown
And ask him when heís gonna step and bring the Romans down.
And give us power, so we can start the delegatiní
Excuse me sir, he left while we were in here celebratiní.
What? I canít believe he fronted
Iím sure this is exactly what he mustíve wanted, wasnít it

Back up! How many times do we think God ought to be serving our purpose, rather then finding out what he desires. Iím sure if we back up a little further, weíll see just why He came.

Verse 4: Alright yíall, itís been a long day, weíve come a long way
But this star didnít lead us the wrong way
After all this distance, letís not waste another instant
Bring incense letís celebrate this infant
So unfitting wrapped in knitting born in a stable,
I wonder if they know this is no ordinary babe yo!
So many questions that yearned to be asked, we turned and we gasped
In this childís eyes we saw eternity past
We learned and we grasped that He had come to be spurned and be gnashed
By the teeth of men who had sinned and earned every lash
His back was to receive and thatís just a relief
His pain brings us peace, He just asks us to believe
So back up and receive this historical figure, look for the whole picture
Iím sure youíre soul will grow richer if you back up.

LORD. You have been our dwelling place throughout all generations. Even before the mountains were born, even before you formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting. You are God. Wouldnít you like to know this God who goes back forever? You can be with this God forever, Jesus Christ invites you.