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Heilig IJs - Eye cry

Like a sharp knife, reality cuts like a razor's edge. Sumtimes I cry and wonder what's next? What can I expect?
And it's not just me, cuz there's people hurtin'- people in need- I see it for my eyez I hear their cries- I see the tears
I bow my head to pray- I say; Lord I see this everyday but my pain makes me selfish, I don't want this-

Sometimes I do somethin' and I don't understand- how could I? Why? I look into the water but I- don't recognize the man- the face, it ain't familiair to me- who is he? Who will I be after I've had everythin' that I can stand? There's just so much I can bare- problems comin' over me and I stare at the man starin' at me- I hat him- I need him- I wanna shoot him in the head! I feel trap-ped 'coz I know people hate sad people who ain't glad people due to circumstances within or without their control- So I take anotha stroll around the city- Things shinin', lookin' mighty pretty-
My situation ain't improvin' though I'm movin' through shops and tv-channels tryin' to find something to cool my brain- I tell myself, this time I'm goin' down the drain- goin' insane- so much pain!! I pray: Lord, help me! It's all I can say.
There's no-one I trust, no-one- none to turn to -I'm afraid of the future,it's true! Lyin' in my bed- can't sleep at night- I weep at night. Can't do a thing, I feel cornered, dishonored, who can I trust?- I must speak with somebody. Friends, do I have any? Can't go on on my own, when's there gonna be some fruit from the tears I've sown?

sometimes I cry; why, lord why?
so much pain inside- feelin' like I'm dyin' inside

Yo, sometimes I still feel like this, you best believe me. Walkin' around like a zombie with some weird kind of fever- I'm a nearly paralized individual, beggin' for help. Yes, I guess there must be a God coz' I cannot trust myself- See all I wanna do is erase all the proof of my existence- disclaim the pain and stay on a safe distance. But runin' away from your struggle doesn't help anybody. So I have to get up, stand up, like Bob Marley. So I ask the Lord to give me the power to live, He gave me His Holy Ghost- and so we roll together ever since. Now that's what I represent but every now and then this deep depressed feeling comes back at me, even though I'm free.