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Heilig IJs - Fatfood upon yo' plate

It's the Mic Mouse and my man T. O. A. S .T. E. R. You can play this at home or with your homiez in the car. No matter where you are- we drop this fat sound and spread love around the way- plus, yo we got something to say - uhuh- fakin' moves never really been my thing, so give me the microphone so I can really really swing. The king- is not who I claim to be- but who I want to serve for eternity. In so many ways like Warren G, Raw like OL' Dirty - Smooth like the hustler- I bust a rhyme like the Flipmode and take a good look around while walking on a narrow road. Telling stories that need to be told, rhymes put in the flavour like salt-
On the table- So don't halt but keep on going. So now it's my turn for my show and tell, Well I got this mic in my hand and a heavy case of rhyme in my mind. Can't survive if I have to keep it inside, so I leave my troubles behind and connect to the soul that resides in the beat and bassez, my mental case is one to produce light poetry, coz I don't see me writing heavy literature.
Though maybe I could, maybe I should. I'm aware that wisdom comes with the years- Everytime you sleep in or wake up, the pillow wet from tears. Every traveled mile, every turned page, every experience- fears and smiles- every gage. In our quest for wisdom we realize that our Creator is the most wise. So like King Solomon I pray for wisdom, just to find that, the wiser people get, the more like Jesus they get, now how 'bout that? YEH!
Holy eyez underground like the worm, breakin' loose the ground where it's too firm. Voices and beats in a hybrid form, sump'in like a break from the norm, anotha heart is torn- But we point to the Healer- medical mc's wearin' Fila's or Adidas. Call us if you need us-
Call us what?? HUH? 'Cos I can think of a few things!

-everytime we are around
-we kick the fat, funky sound
-and give the people in the crowd
-sumptin' to think about- sumptin' to shout

Just another day- sittin' in the classroom. The teacher's talkin' but the boom-boom-bap is what I got in my head. I cannot concentrate so I write another rap. The lyrics I create are ment for all people- I try to treat them equal. Not to feed my ego, but to really represent. See many only represent record-sales and fancy mangement. But I intend to transmit life-style suggestions, reflections and information while I'm doing my bit. No battles kid- see every succes is temporary unless- we get supported by a higher place wich is not to be seen in physical ways. If you say that Mc's and Dj's only work with cliches than why you sit and wait until somebody makes some original stuff. You need to pick it up, pick it up, because the culture is not lost. I'm talkin' about the culture op hiphop, yo- and it's yours. You need to use your talent to open all the right doors and of course don't forget about the highest and wisest who is also the creator of all. He's got our back and our front if we might fall- It's like that yo!