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Heilig IJs - Liar Lawyer

Now spread this information, even though it's confidential, the evidence you need is in a new man's mental - it's holy eyez, puttin' a log on the fire - 'coz when lawyer is yelling loud you start expecting he's a liar.

Yo ! I think we needz to go deep down on this one - 'coz many lawyers were here but many liars have come. But if you want to lie son, please do so, but me and you know, that there'll be justice for all - And if you don't believe that, then you will surely fall. But don't you call me a judge- I don't want to make you some sort of prisoner- I just wanna share confidential information with my listener - You must be a visitor in hiphop not to understand - that the real lawyer is not here to defend himself, he's not trying to be the man - for the real ones just want to tell the truth and make a jam.

Slammin' ! These low-tops I'm wearin'. Yes, the information we're sharin' is indeed confidential, though essential. Now, lawyer lawyer man, the louder you yell, the more lies you seem to tell - well. I don't understand- if you catch my drift - to the edge of a cliff lies will surely bring you - like a swarm of killer-bees they will drop back and sting you - kill you - you will - have to weigh you words or learn from what you lie my listener- this is the- information you need - a new creed - new seed - to sow and grow in your field - life it'll yield - free from the tiez of lies - time flies - wear no disguise. Throw away that mask and realise - you have to live for real, man, so come on, be yourself ! Let the thruth defend itself, let the fruit be the evidence - though sometimes it's circumstancial, it don't matter, 'coz you know very well you should spread this information even though it's confidential.

Trying to conceptualize, to visualize, what I have in mind - I found my thoughts still in chrysalis- it's like this; so many ideas - runnin' amok, in a knot- like spaghetti on a plate - it's not too late fo' us to follow Jesus in his words and his teachings - if you think that's wack; Think about the next rap you'll be listening to and what they will be saying to you. 'Coz most of the time I hear mc's fakin', stating they are the master ! Well, then there are a lot of masters ! Making hits fo' the profit of it ! But hey - let me pick it up where I left it - what was I sayin' ??

You was saying about how we be portraying a different way and how we do what we're doin'......

Oh yeah - well - sometimez I just grab my toolio when I'm in schoolio actin' the foolio while following the rulio's of speakin' the truth yo ! I don't settle fo' nuttin' less - yes, it cuts deep when you're dealin' with the realness. But the way I see it - you can either run from it - or learn from it - or choose to be a king at lying and keep on crying in your heart - or make a new start - it's essential
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