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Heilig IJs - Side by side

Got more- things on my mind than kilograms on my behind -a close encounter of the funky kind is otur thing.
I guess I just wanna bring that feeling back from the oldskool, when every fool was a king and every king was a fool and it was OK to drool. Yeah, so let's - have a dive into the sea that's calles past - on this megablast we run the rhymes that run fast. Put on your scubagear all you hiphop - enthousiasts !
And come down with us - to find the source of us all though we'll never be in the source - but it don't matter to us.
Ever since our first album, the beats gettin' fatter - better ! - With some help from above - never enough - time's getting rough - but we live by the love !

Move to the rythm - side by side yoa !
Move to the rythm - move ! Groove !

I hear the beats like I hear the bread - to make toast - I don't wanna boast - but I like to roast ! - thus my name is the Toaster - but most of ya know me as Will - just listen to the beat and chill - take the positive rhymes like a pill - a medicine - 4 your feeling !
Stop freewheelin' and start livin' with a goal - a purpose - be whole as a human. Wise as Jesus, son of God and son of man, my Lord and my friend.

Comin' om nu - it's the youthman crew - I and I standin' here, toastin' and rappin' for you - mi a no speak pavois (?) - but mi do mi best - grab the mic in mi hand and mi put it to the test ! We kick some ballisticks and you do the rest - you bob your head - wether whiteman or dredd ! Yes, eat your bread ! But your spirit don't forget !
How 'bout some breakdance ! Yes what up with that ? Where are di breakdancers ? Yo ! Where are them at ?
Mic without stand(a) - workin' up a sweat !
Down on my knees, I thank mi Heavenly Fatha ! Some people disrespect ! But ha ! Mi no botha ! Mi value is Jeshu'a - di Lion of Judah ! I wanna be like Him - and like no otha !