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Tha True MC - The hearts of men

Check it out. Once a time
Yo let me clear your mind
with lyrics so refined
and on time
faster then through the grapevine.
I combine
the word with phat beats and rhymes,
to get through to your heart
help you get a new start.
like a dart
stay in the center.
stay true to da word it will keep you through da winter.
It's time for a whole new level of change.
We gotta do what's right even though others say that we're strange
your heart and mind and da rest will follow
All this wordliness ain't cool it's shallow
I keep it real though it's hard to swallow
All material pleasures end up being hollow
Wake up! Let's bring the stakes up
And level
the Devil
reclaim tha land his lies take up
Fight for the right even when you're tested
Stop tha strife
bring to life
tha kingdom of God manifested

Tha only way we can conquer is down on our knees
Enter Tha hearts of men with these simple keys
Commitment, love and unity
Cause Tha kingdom of God is within you and me

Chorus 1more time

Everyone knows that a lot of wrongs have been done
Get wise,
no compromise,
you with son?
Let's have da courage to stand up and speak out
Reach out and help out
No doubt
See we can actually make a difference
No more nonsense
let's go on the attack not on the defense
Seriously, we gotta get our own thing tight
Cause we ain't even learned to treat our own peeps right
You don't have to judge your brother
You should rather
work together
Stop friction and conflicts with each other
That's messed up,
so fess up
It's good for the soul,
Repent, change your ways Exhibit more self control
Change our life and still,
Fight and keep it real
Cause if not, we'll fall victim to that do nothing ordeal
So step up, do something it's your duty and purpose
You can't keep negativity inside or someday it will surface

Chorus 2 times

Hey yo, let's go out and conqure the world
Bring peace to every man, woman, boy and girl
Put a stop to all this hatred and crime
Make a better place
for the human race
Using our heart and not our mind
Every one equal,
not thinking of wealth
More of others than self
Let's live together like we were one people
A lot more unity
throughout the community
Love each other whiles we got the opportunity
This could be reality
not just a formality
But an actuality
built strong by our morality
Can you see what I see?
An authority that be letting me be what I be.
Live together in peace even when we don't agree
Let's all really start living,
make a place to raise kids in
I know together that we can
Change things for better so be a man,
and take the stand

Chorus 2 times