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Heilig IJs - The heart of the matter

God loved me so much. That He went through a lot of trouble just to get in touch with me- Now I can see His love preparing me to give love to my sista and my brotha- check! Although I'm not perfect, I just worship the Son, Spirit and the Father as one- I've just begun on this road but sumtimez it feels cold when I'm near those who claim to be flawless followaz of Jesus. Thus disrespecting these and those who be rejected, not by God, but by lack of love and compassion- I'm not teaching a lesson-
I just want ya'll to understand and give your hand to the neighbour in your land, no matter what he or she believes or how free they might think they be ! So come with me, all you followaz of Jesus to the words that he said in the book of Marcus , chapter twelve- on those pages with the words old since ages. Love your neighbour like you love yourself and God above all -these commandments equal. Equal to eachother Can't do one without the other - word to mother - now let's spread sum love one anotha !!

God loves the world - so why don't we ?
God loves the world - so why don't we ?
God loves the sinnahs - so why don't we ?
Show it like Jesus - 'coz he loves you and me

Lord have mercy, can it get worse? See people hate and discriminate in your Name. Claim to know exactly what you mean, step on dem scene with their own made rules and laws to imprison the free. The church running empty, but can you blame people not to go to a place that works like a cage? Children of the Father most high becoming slaves of the law. What are we doing this for? Can't you see that we are supposed to be responding to hathred with love, I've had enough, mister christian, you ain't here judge. And if we're here to judge, then I don't want to be a christian, I just want to be like Jesus, and leave them my dust.