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Heilig IJs - The mad scientists

Mad scientists, mad scientists, cooking up beats, it's the mad scientists. We're mad scientists, coz there's sumptin' wrong wid us..

Cookin' up some beats while noddin' our headz and stompin' with our feetz! Mix it up to create these musical hiphop treetz, to give you what you needz! -Bass please!!
Lo's mids and highs in our improved formula to make you pop yo' eyez, straight from the ice-lab with the boom-bap, takin' the hiphop higher right on to the next step. Not for world domination though, but for the creation loc, the creation of new made mortal men who just won't die- the reason for this lies in the wisdom of the great Scientist in the sky- But in the meantime we'll try to keep you satisfied with the beats that we'll fry- shaken, not stirred, liquid highs and magnificent mids- to make you fly and twist to the worx of the mad- the mad scientists, not as smart as Hawking perhaps, but scientists nevertheless.

-he's the mad scientist when it comes to loops,
-he's the mad scientist when it comes to vocal hooks,
-he's the mad scientist when it comes to rhymin',
-he's the mad scientist when it comes to freestylin'

Scientists of beats, and we're pretty mad. The beats, bassez, keyz and the message and all that. We give you gettin' right now- stick around- we'll show you how we do- wow, wow, we do-

-he's the mad scientist when it comes to makin' tea
-he's the mad scientist when it comes to workin' keyz
-he's the mad scientist when it comes to bakin' beats
-he's the mad scientist when it comes to movin' feetz

Yo Toaster would you be so kind? To bring in the bassdrum with the funky bassline so this mad scientist can begin bringing the people a rhyme- that's specially designed to help them elevate their mind.
See- time after time we find out the wrong ways of life are magnetic- but your spaceship is able to leave orbit- is able to get out of this stuff- now do you get it? I wreck it- What kid?- The microphone- And when I'm doin' my mic-wreckin' research yo', I'm never alone. Guiding you out of the danger-zone with my groovy defenition- so lay back and listen while I be mixin' chemical liquids. I come out with this piece of poetry- you know me,I put it on microfilm- took it to the laboratory. Now we be droppin' scientifical hiphoppin on ya, I do not have to warn ya. It's made of biological material, so it's good for ya...

Scientific- teriffic, fantastic, no plastic! Organic emotion, translation of me feelin'- Me is freewheelin', original, no steelin'!- How are you feelin'?-
Coz' I'm an original creation made by di Almighty, ain't nobody, exactly like me- Top! I got my own skill and mi will, the groove in mi blood and the desire to chill. Vortex on the floor and the windmill- I thank mi heavenly Fatha, 'coz mi life He fills- He is mi transport when death come for di kill. through di valley of shadow op onto the hill-
Loord!! I got mi health and mi wealth, this I can use for di people to help! Help you I can? So help you I will! Livin' with the Almighty mi life is a thrill. He show He love me, though sometimes I'm evil. Egoistic rudeboy, but He loves me still. The good in me He amplifies through His word, mi plea for help and friendship, yes He heard! Thank you mi Fatha for mi moves and mi style, I know when I breakdance then you the one who smile! Yes! You give me rest for mi heart- peace for mi soul all the way from the start! Yes! I know that we will neva part! Your Spirit is di best thing that I has eva had! No scientist could have eva come op wid that!