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Pastoral Advisory - Satan NME
(from the album Weg en Waarheid)
© copyright Busy R.

Da devil made me do it is no longa an x-cuze,
Coz Jesus offerez freedom, it'z a gift ya can't refuze
Coz when He died on tha crozz 2000 yearz ago
He also died 4 U and that'z a thing that U should no
So just accept & not reject that Jesus Christ is King of Kingz
Ya will B born again & there will happen many thingz
Like He did with me, He'll break ya loose from satan's chainz
I couldn't do that myself, but I know Jesus reighns

Jesus reighns
He's making a change
breaking tha chains
Clearing tha stains
Cleaning tha blood
that is flowing tru ya vains

So Jesus uncuffed me & Jesus set me free
I escaped from da darknezz, now I'm a satan-enemy
But I'm no fugitive on tha run, no I'm not runnin' from da devil
Yeah I'm fightin' him, kickin' it 2 a higher level
With the armour of Ephesians, now lemme show ya how
Boom, boom, POW!, yeah, I'm in tha army now!
Fightin' back da devil with da weapons that God gave
Don't need 2 be affraid, coz in da armz of God I will be safe!