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Pastoral Advisory - Chains of Sin
(from the album Weg en Waarheid)
© copyright Busy R.

1z apon-a-time, 20 yearz ago,
when I waz born, just what did I no!?
Coz I didn't love ma fatha, and I didn't love ma motha,
Yo, I didn't have no sista, and didn't love ma brotha

I felt like talkin' 2 a wall when I was prayin'
So Y would I believe what da church was sayin'!?
Coz I didn't C a god and I didn't C a heaven
Yo! I was a rebel from da time I waz 7
Coz I didn't need nobody, & I didn't need no god
I could do it all alone! Yeah, that'z what I thought
So I tried and I tried, but when I grew up,
I found da more I tried, da more I screwed up

Yeah, I couldn't control, so I let maself go!
Thought I waz high but in fact I was low
Yeah, Da devil made believe that drugs could make free
But he tied me down & then he threw away da key!
Yeah da devil tied me down, but Jesus made me free
And then He filled me up with tha Holy Gost XTC
So just open yar heart and let da Lord come in,
And He will also free you from tha chains of sin!