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Busy R. - Tha Mission
© copyright 1999, Busy R.

Let'z infultrate and set it straight as a line,
This one is fo’ tha 1 triple 9…
I'm scanning my mind 4 wordz
I’m internally tracking every sentence I've ever heard
Lookin' 4 tha perfect rime
Indexin' lyrix in no time
2 say anotha rime, realtime
straight from my mind
Vocal wordz R comin’ down like tha rain
while my vocal cordz are tryin’ ta surf tha wavez in my brain.
To convert those wavez to an ainwave
It is fired by my trachea & my mouth,
it keeps flowin out when I shout
tha message is out,
It’z inspirational, sensational
Yo, high rhymable wordz impactz tha drum of tha microphone.
With only 1 goal, let tha Word be known
Electronized ions flow tru tha mic-chord
Only one-way direction no oncomming traffic allowed
when tha chord / endz at tha gate of an A-D chip
tha wave is fully ripped
48khz and 16 bitz!
gettin' mixed with midi, there’z no bits to waste
a boom-boom-kata and a phat bass
Busy makin' real dope soundz with thiz variety of warez
But I'm forced underground by a society that doesn't really carez..
tha wave flowz tru a modem connected 2 tha net,
split 2 packets 2 B easyly
Transported by TCP/IP
In a full duplex enviroment - H T T P
world-wide, websitez,
tha traffic-jam is like a fight
No longer alone, it’z tha battle for bandwidth
They're gettin' nervous, will they all make it in time?
to tha destination IP, as a fully flowin’ rime
Cisco routers and gatewayz form the main-port
But there’z still no time for digital site-seein da world
tha wave rushes, it'z gettin' crittical, we’re still not there
when suddenly all other signals dissapear
So we can tell tha packetz have arrived their destination
Almost ready for tha digital/analog transformation
Just need some final checkz
coz data is not allowed to be messed with,
start stop & parity-bits are checked
& if nessecary, corrected
Finally, they are ready for the D-A-process
Just a time-cycle later tha bits are gone
and an analog signal is pumped
tru some jackz and a wire
to an amplifier
It'z getting quite hot now
The cablez are ready for a melt-down
Air-shocks start flowin’ from tha speaker
They’re growing stronger, not weaker
The sound is still searching arround
finally found a place 2 pound
So now there’z no time 2 run, 2 late 2 hide
your eartubez are penetrated on both sidez
hittin with deep impact your eardrumz with air-bombs
Now it’z time 2 break bail, no longer in a pain-hell, escape jail
Gotta keep running like a duracel
Speedin’ from braincell 2 braincell
Tha neurologic network decodez with a shock!
sharp as a rock, tha message unlocked
No, it’z not stomped, with sparklez it'z pumped
to ya heart that heatz, triplez beatz
full impact on target, tha mission's complete
And 4 thoze of ya who wonder what my message would be
Jesus lovez ya! I'm out, peace