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Busy R. - Trapped
© copyright 1997, Busy R.

When I was a little kid / I felt I was trapped,
Life stabbed like a dagger / so I like a hacker on tha web
I grabbed any chance / 2 find a road on tha map
which would made me feel happy / so like an r-c I zapped
Coz I 1-2-3 myself / but I could not C
So first I thought I found / tha answer in D-O-P-E
But I was wrong / coz tha drugz tried 2 capture me
And I was 2 weak 2 feel / and even 2 blind 2 C
So I didn't even know / that I got L-O-S-T
In this web of deceit / man, I thought I had tha key
and I was free like a bee / while the pillz where binding me
So I looked 4 somebody / who was able to deliver me
Coz Alcohol and drugz / I thought I could handle
Thought I was in control / but like a burning candle
I was melting, going down / while I was gettin high
It's a lie, if I don't quit / man I'm gonna die
So now I knew like 1-2-3 / or A-B-C 2 X-Y-Z
that X.-T.-C. / doesn't make free
So I continued my quest / 4 that road in life
and I found 'nother answer / in another lie
The L-S-D made me C / an halicunality,
anotha spiritual world / where everything would never be
the same it ever was, never was / or ever will be
Where time is fantasy / and space was reality
The trips where dope / but they sucked up energy
So I started again / taking more X-T-C
Sometimes coke or speed / nonstop smokin' weed
all 2gether with tha booz / and tha L-S-D
So I tripped out, man / ma mind freaked out man,
My soul left ma body / and while I passed out man
I could do what I wanted / I thought I was free
Coz tha laws of nature / had no longer impact on me
My spirit deconnected / man, I could walk tru a wall
Control other bodiez / and fly without fall!
Then I saw some kinda port / right above tha crowd
Which sucked up their souls / while they where screaming loud
It was some kinda funnel / but it was up side down
With a lotta blinkin' stars / all circling around
Yeah, It looked real nice / so I thought it was alright
But didn’t no tha devil could pronounce himself / as an angel of light!
When I was commin' down / I was swettin, I felt hot
But I didn´t pay attention / so excited S I was
Now I knew it was tru / there is a spiritual world
And I did found a key / coz I could open tha port
2 a place I thought was heaven / maybe tha universe
But it turned out 2 be a place / which was much much worse
Coz Jesus states in tha bible / He is tha only way to God
& I definitly took ‘notha road / so what was that place
that felt so hot!!!!