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LMNO - Souldier
(from the album Invigorating/Souldier/W Meaning 12")

The revolution is capitolized
Can't beat you over the head besides
What would that accomplish
Let's see who lives the longest
Neither of us know

Discombobulatin' with jesus
I'm stopping satan
No racial barrier can stop the holy ghost
And here we are intrigued by visible gains
Millions of dollars for millions of pains
We don't have the same type of blood in our veins
But we do have the same soul locked in chains
We like to cry not far live not die
Knowing all the answers without asking why
Personal pursuit pass our loved ones by
Frustrated with god with our hands in the sky
We load those guns, pipes, records with lies
Standing stupid right behind foolish pride
Your faction looks militant; weekend souldier
Couldn't get a gun permit
Didn't pass the written test
Don't got the hook up
Oh you have the movie
In Iraq with our crime from
All good to groovy

[Chorus] - (2X)

Clear the fog when the head is cloudy
Get my point across without speaking loudly
I didn't audition for this role
Type that spend his last option on his friend's parole
Word herb stays rolled through Los Angeles soft batch
Can't match the rambunctious
It's hideous as a city bus
In a hundred and three degree heat
Magnify this Hi-Fi
Down to earth Sci-Fi
Beat for it's publishing royalties
Stop disease
Cracker please
Let me breathe
I'm about as holy as ??Jeff Spicoli??
Fight aginst the devil boldly

[Chorus] - (2X)

Just go about your business!
Just go about your business!
With seriousness!