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LMNO - Leave My Name Out
(from the album First Things First)

Mislead without guidance
No guidance mislead

You flew in from where to do what with who?
Impressive. Call 'em the tax writeoff crew
Prescribe rhetoric for the sick
LMNO isn't comparable to narcotic

Got it like yesterday's mail
The petrified and frail
Remove the tail
Make records for sale
When all heaven breaks loose, hell's in jail
I wouldn't submit this if I thought it would fail
Not because my skin's pale, I'm an underdog
A slap to the face was knowing I'm under God
Reality's lockjawed
Nothing can remove it
Firsthand experience will prove it
I'm a truth seeking missile flying past little fibs
Permanent press the issue on how it is

Physically separate, separated
Synchronized mind

Outside existance, internal conflicts
With song critics, opinionated bullhorns, that's it
Hey! It's Love O'Clock
Cancel 11:30, that's a no show pop
Through it all without saying, "LMNO's right here"
God is a pilot, I must let him steer
I'm the difference between physical fitness and spiritual witness
Charge your hitlist
Every session's a first kiss
Take the tisk out the task
Enforce separatism like economic class
Reality last, break the soul out the cast
Everyday my flag is half mast
Key kept cool through the heat
Reveal deceit
Untestable heart, we feel this beat
Straight up, we take a stand
While others take a seat
Forget hate
Happiness is who we greet

Chorus (4x):
First, the creator
Second, life
Third, hip-hop
**First things first*

It's inevitable to develop a flow show shocking
From the start, no stopping
A branch of humanity exposed
They chose to keep their hearts closed
Bags of saturated computer chips clogging bloodstreams
Balance beam acts, converting mattress backs
Jeans built for two, sunlight turned to blue
As far as respect goes, they couldn't catch a flu
I love, not hate you
Repeat it if you will
Headliners don't always fit the bill
In the brain without a drill
Dead bodies chill
No chillin: when we work, we sweat
They know us through airwaves we haven't met yet
Hands in my hair like berrets
Guidance is certain compared to bets
Immature threats turn regrets
Have 'em trained like pets
If they only knew the half, they wouldn't be full of it (2x)
There's nothing formally about me and visionary
Life, live it, stop acting scary

Chorus (6x)

Can't let go...

** Fade out **