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LMNO - Radiant
(from the album The World Famous Beat Junkies Volume 2)

Verse 1:
Misery is it's own company uh ha
I'm not impressed by depressed MCs gettin' money
All ears on me exception guaranteed
Top Scotch quality cop on a dime
It's all on a line corrupt mind urban swine
Dash after we dine
And he kick flip and grind
One of a kind be obedient
Radiant flow around LMNO conditions met
I think a helical get frolic without a wallet
Can't call it
It's disconnect brah so just stall it
The patriotial blood he bleed so slow
Take L from his flow now we have another foe
Keep lyrics like gamblers with money to blow
I don't collect dust cause LMNO is always on the go
With Associates stay up Memo
Marty you know we shot the party no problemo

They got all the answers yet they still don't know
People ask me all the time how to spell LMNO
Thinkin' all complex when it's quite simple
I don't get bitter bitter it's all refundable (x2)

Verse 2:
Divide water like Jetties
I said these here without the man
Proof of prophecies script in sand
So when the tide comes, foiled plan
New brand put it in stone it will withstand
Bix be known bandstand showcase
Embrace love and hate low rate hello mate
Bumpin' J-Rocc and tape
Schedule date is tentative as of late
Ja Ja create and also devastate
Grateful misshape right frame of mind
Keep 'em in orbit and keep out of any bind
I'm raining on the tennis match bust their parade
Construction goes on look at what man made
Expert mediocre thought provoker
Gave a donation from my loafer
Hip hop's underground I'm a surface
Gopher forever lit while physically sober
I cross over flood controls set goals
On the account of ajusted souls