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LMNO feat. MadChild - With Meaning
(from the album Invigorating/Souldier/With Meaning 12")

Yo, regardless, the truth is the truth, yo
for sure, for sure
we're going to lay it down like this

Verse One [LMNO]
I'm the creature of my habits, dag nabit
My donation flow straight, and
obey beat boundries, receiving the message
focus on my doings, not what the rest is
without exclusions I hear the echo, staring at the blunt
wondering if I let go, said no FEDs around me, heck no
on some be back in a bit, ok bro, not confrontational
lay low, type, long beach diversity
disposable of raunchy proposal, all over the globe though
we see the sun rise, then off to catch those deceased
children in Sunday school reading b-i-b-l-e's
for you, for you

Let the light illuminate right on through, I pray your parents do the rest
at least their best, I know that's not always the case
gods arms are open for us to embrace
the fool would have thought
which makes it hard
its because of god, we're above this sod
applaud the performers, support the former
my temperature is both cooler and warmer

[Chorus] 8x

Know what I'm meaning
you think you know what I'm meaning

Verse Two [MadChild]
I'm learning that there's more from this life to gain
from a new friend and LMNO is his name
its probably just he makes it obvious
in god we trust
I'm not plain as a mark in yak crew
these steps we should learn
and man I'm talking to you
gotta get to heaven cause hell would suck
but with the life I've lived it'll take more then luck
first I gotta thank the lord for just giving me life
one day I hope to have a house, with kids and a wife
plus 7 fresh cars, and a place in the tropics, with a yacht and a Jacuzzi
but that's another topic
he rocks while dropping fate and I'm pleased with that
in fact I cant wait till we release these tracks
always talking about love and the angels above while I focused on hate
I hope its not too late
how can I get a pass through the golden gate
not sorry that I'm getting my priorities straight
I've already made too many mistakes
not to be taken for granted, there's growth where a seed is planted
its time to take advantage, don't hold your breathe
the time is now because there might not be too much left

[Chorus] *repeated and faded out*