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The Associates (Iriscience, LMNO, Shaydie, T-Love) - From the Ground Up
(from the album The Associates 12")

Ha! another!
Beat Junkies, sure shot!
Dilated, T-Love,
Visionaries, Urbanites
From the Ground Up

(Shaydie and LMNO:)
From the ground up we round up, crews to get pound up
They wound up fucked up, tell em all what's up
Tough luck, ran amuck, open up a can of suck
You must have had a twelve pack, that's why you got held back
I felt that, we propel rap with some detailed fact,
Ay! We sell rap, this ain't no woof ticket
Woof that shit and get evicted, he did what?
The whole conversation got shifted
We unwrap the gifted, shake up the timid
Who's to save, give fear to the brave
With a friendly wave, or a premature grave
You make the call, what's the path that you pave?
Engrave math subtract add the division
Multiplied fractions equal one decision
One mind, one cause, all applause, no flaws
We're human tonight, Associates hold tight
It be a cold night in heat town,
The beat down will take place overground,
It's overnow, we continental bound,
LA cracks code, ???
Plus we pack shows, with no delay

(HOOK: Rhettmatic on the scratch)
From the ground up (x6)

(T-Love and Iriscience:)
My brother, my sister, my brother, my brother
My name is T-Love, be crackin 40's with your mother
My sister, my brother, my sister, my sister
The name is Iriscience, I'm a whirlwind twister
Now can you picture, lyrical scriptures
All rolled up in an empty bottle of malt liquor
Floatin adrift, uh, all my sisters,
B-Girls be back, B-Boys best be with her,
I tell crews, you know I wanna watch the news
What you wanna do is watch for clues,
The plot unfolds and the story is old,
You get touched like Robert Johnson at the crossroads
One day diggin through my promo stack, they all wack
Called up Iriscience, he thinks ??? a fact
Too many MC's, G's, I can't breathe
Egomaniacs ain't got no goals to achieve
But I never sold my soul givin blues a cold
Like jackfrost nippin while I'm rippin up shows
I hear a lot of talk but not enough is said
And blows to the body help to soften up the head