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Visionaries - Rob No One
(from the album Galleries)

(Rob One's answering machine)
Yo wassup everybody, you've reached Rob One from CBS Crew.
check it out tonight tonight only, I'm having a little shindig
at my crib. I want everybody to come through, all the ladies,
all the ladies are gonna be in the house. Visionary Crew
rocking it, on the 1 and 2's, DJ Rhett. So check it out,
come through, leave the message and I'll get back to you.

(Rob One)
Yo good looking out. Thanks for coming through yo, ayo
everybody, people check it! No one go in my room, my room
is off limits alright? Yo, have a good time alright?

Stepped into the party tardy and it's already gotten hyper
Visionary Crew receives more hugs than the diapers
??? mugs of juice like a windshield wiper
Looking for the homies with the drugs in the cipher

Who got a lighter?
Bout to make the shiny faces a little brighter
Me and LMNO hit the bar for a Malibu Hulk,
Got my fade while Key made his way to the vault,
Three man assault

(Key Kool)
So many hunnies in the spot, it's ridiculous
But my current goal is to be inconspicuous
Flip on the fog machine and the laser beams
Weaved through the crowd like a fish swimming down the stream

Strolled into the kitchen, a minute later
I'm playing the role of the waiter
Serving pate to everybody in the party
On a silver tray high society,
ready to come and take anybody in my way

Lookin around, found my way to a plugged mic
Said, Visionaries are hear tonight
Slightly, spoke a few rhymes, killed some few lines
Even said...just to give Key more time

(Key Kool)
Slipped into the hallways lo-key
2Mex's special pate got people tilted so nobody knows this is me
Plus Dannu got the party acting unruly
I put the skeleton in the lock for room entry

I see Key Kool in the bedroom
Ooh, and here comes Rob One
At the same time Dannu yells "Sun God Suns!"
Aww man I don't know what to do
So I throw up my "W" and I yell out
"Afterlife! Visionary Crew!"

I'm in search of, another base to deface
Wasting more time than sane procrastination
Handsome crackin at your mom straight facing
Speaking of, how much more time will Key keep taking?

(Key Kool)
No time to waste, I skip looking through the crates
I know the goods have to be up in the safe
Put the stethoscope to the door to hear the "click"
Turn the knob left and right, three clocks for three stops

I'm jockin Dannu on the mic
Then all of a sudden enters the girl that Rob One likes
I grab his shoulder back, I say whats up quarterback
You better get behind that center and make her snap!

Times up, show's about to start
I could tell our job was done by the way 2Mex remarked
Act like we can't do that, when in fact we just scored
Time to rock the party, got what we came for

(Key Kool)
2Mex and Dannu are done warming up the spot
I'm almost out of time as I look at my watch
Popped the lock without breaking,
Hear a knock, no waiting
Grabbed what I need and exit the window with speed
Give the goods to Zen at point A
He makes his way over to the DJ stand
With the wax in his hand...

Excuse me, excuse me, hey, hey Rhett! Rhett! Rhett!
We got it

On behalf of Rob One, myself LMNO, Visionaries in effect
yeah yeah yeah check it out. Yo, I just wanna start it off,
from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate you coming
out to this shindig....hey Rhett, you ready to set this?
Hey Rhett you ready?......

(Rhett's Pager)
Yo this is DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies, Visionary Crew,
and Key Kool & Rhettmatic, you've reached my voicemail and
pager. Please leave a brief message right after the beep, or
punch in your digits and area code, and I'll get back with
you as soon as I can

(Rob One)
Yo wassup Rhett, it's Rob One. Damn! Remember those
records I borrowed from you the other day? Doubles of uh
Superlover Scene Cassanova Ride? Well, doesn't look like
you'll be seeing them again cause uh, I think I might have
misplaced them. Ayo hit me back on the pager alright?
Peace. Sorry