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T-Bone - Throwin' out tha' wicked
(from the album Tha life of a hoodlum)

Throwin' out tha' wicked like God did the devil (several times)

Gosh I hate DEMONS! Rip 'em in half, grab'em and I be stabbin'em wit' my lyrical dagger.
I'm getting' madder like every single minute. Cuz every time there's problems demons try to get me in it. AHH!
They're always doin' somethin' ta' try to hold me back. from servin' Christ so I hit'em with a spiked bat. SPLAT!
The devils on the ground so I kick him. Cuz this is one Christian that ain't gonna be another one of the devils victims.
Shaken wit' my rhyme in the spine, vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord so I don't live by the sword
And if ya' got beef then I'll leave it alone cuz I'm saved to the bone, God is on the throne.
He set me free glory hallelujah praise the Lord. And now I be hangin' demons by the neck with my mic cord.
And you could punch me in the lip but I still won't quit. Preachin' da' word of God so step the heck back cuz I spit!.
When I be rappin' up on da' mic-a-phone cuz I'm a psycho PELON!! T-BONE is da' one who be known.
For jackin' demons wit' a crowbar over da' head. Then keep on beatin'em down until they swimmin' in a pool of red.
Then I spit on 'em, laugh at em' and step on 'em. And let'em know that I be that redeemed hooligan. Da one thats
known ta' put demons in check, break they necks, and at the same time catch wreck. So if I see a ouija board ya'
know I'munna kick it! Cuz I don't play wit' sin yo' I'm throwin' out tha' wicked!!

All the homiez know Muffs got da' beats an' I've got da' rhymes an' in my spiritual walk every single day you know
that I gotta climbs a little bit higher because of all of these demons on my trail and I don't want to fail, cuz da' nails
went right through his hands. But some people don't understand all the pain that he went through. But what if it
happened to you what would you do, if they whipped you 39 times wit' a cat of nine tails, stuck a crown of thorns in
yo' head 'till you bled. Then drove your hands and feet to the form of a wooden cross. I thank god that the blood he
shed wasn't lost. They whipped him, kicked him, spikes were driven through his hands and feet, so that I could be
forgiven. The blood of Christ was the sacrifice that set me free. So for eternity I won't be living in misery. But people
swaerin' hell's gonna be fun an' games but wait till judgment day when everybody's burnin' in da' flames. AHHH!
They'll yell, cuz hell is a place, of fire and brimstone where the skin melts of yo' face. So you best throw tha' wicked
out yo' life. Accept the sacrifice and he'll bring you back to life. But in a whole different place this time where there's
no pain sorrow gangs gettin' mugged or crime. But there'll only be streets of gold and mansions there won't be
lunatics like that vato Charles Manson. The only lunatic in all of heaven will be ME! I'm jackin' demons an' tu no
sabes. I'm knockin' out the devil like Julio Caesar Chavez. Then I'll kick him in his face 'til his nose is broke, blood
be flyin' everywhere theres fog from my gunsmoke. Cuz I stuck my double barrel down his mouth then I click it!
Chick-chick POW!! I'm throwin' out tha' wicked!!

Straight from the slums, I comes. wit' drums, and beats demons over da'head wit' clubs, bats brooms sticks chains.
I'm going insane, I got no brains! I'm obsessed wit' slaughtering all these demons everyday. The only way to do that
is to get on my knees and pray. Ad bind the devil. And say
And spray him wit' my gat up against the wall like graffiti. I never, ever celebrate the day of halloween, because I've
been redeemed. My slates been cleaned. I'm throwin' out the wicked like the witches from eastwick. And when I do
that you know its more brutal than a jason flick. Attackin' demons like a pit bull for the lord, cuz I'm tha' lunatic that
escaped from the mental ward. Tyin' demons to my truck then I drags: 'em down the jacked up freeway while they
layin' in they bodybags. The devil tries to run but I'm gonna find you, huh, yeah! Cuz its through prayer that I bind
you! HA! You bound in da' name of Jesus, I'm da' hunta', an da' devil be da' prey, RAAAA!! I'm takin' out the devil
like a renegade.