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Mars ILL - Loveís Not
(from the album Raw Material)
© copyright Uprok Records/Sphere of Hip Hop Records/Mars ILL

Verse 1:
Love, what is it? A solid or a liquid?/
The question resonates from inner space to outer limits/
Outer space to inner city dwellers timid not committed/
Love just isnít built on child support and weekend visits/
You kill it like stricnine when you treat it like a cancer/
You donít feel it so you spend time, seek pleasure, not the answer/
In clubs, peeping dancers in a jacked up type of manner/
Stuffing G-Strings with dollars that should buy your babyís Pampers/
Loveís not waking up with different women every morning/
Loveís not beating her down at 9 months with child forming/
Loveís not leaving your wife and your seeds with no warning/
Loveís not, and when itís raining, itís pouring/
Scoring no points, you smoke joints and toke your life away/
You might have another year or two, but you really died today/
Display respect for yourself, or you canít love nobody else/
The hand your dealt requires action, not just something you felt/

Yeah, I know what love is and it just donít stop/
But I explain it better, when I can say what Loveís Not/
Yeah, I know what love is and it just donít stop/
But I can explain it better when I say what Loveís NotÖ

Verse 3:
Loveís Not seen at drug spots or caught in mug shots/
Loveís not sex or who youíll do next, Loveís not/
Road Rage, porno pages, in the eyes of a racist/
Loveís not whorin and loveís not abortion/
Of course then, love doesnít bomb clinics to make it finsh/
Loveís not hate and Loveís not a cynic/
Loveís not seen on Jerry Springer or expressed by middle finger/
And Love is rarely captured in the words of any singer/
Loveís not domestic violence, saying ďshut upĒ for the silence/
And Loveís not represented in the wail of police sirens/
Abandoned children in abandoned buildings, random killings/
Loveís not slow to help you, love is ready and willing/
Love is patient and kind, Love is sight for the blind/
Love was born before the morning, Loveís transforming your mind/
Love is body and blood, bread and wine, remember the time/
Love is God Divine crucified for mankindÖ