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Mars ILL - Monotone
(from the album Raw Material)
© copyright Uprok Records/Sphere of Hip Hop Records/Mars ILL

Verse 1
I rock spots with top-notch communication/
On time like a stopwatch while others keep me waiting/
Pop lock to a beat box while taking potshots at hard rocks/
Who got their glocks cocked and what not/
Flocks jock the man in the drop top that cops stop/
Yesterday had the block locked, but then he got knocked/
Talk chops like the microphones their home/
But their ideas, their style and their life is monotone/
In a flashback, itís all real instead of abstract/
Should have been your own man instead of following the rat pack/
Taken this instead of that path, calculate on that math/
The writingís on the wall, graff style with cans and fat caps/
The wind blows where it wishes, snakes are still viscous/
World struggles for riches, rap lyrics still explicit/
I kick it with the gifted, but everyone will miss it/
They praise the man who built on the sand, but then it shifted/
Itís fatter than a lipid, we befriended the infinite/
The cat who lived it, died, arose and then ascended/
But heads still get lifted, they hear it then forget it/
But theyíll want to change their minds when itís finishedÖ

Verse 2:
FM Radio is D.O. A., B, itís plain to see/
Itís NíSync and LFO instead of NKOTB/
Itís all the same, CC youíre A & R ASAP/
And tell him MTV really ainít the place to be/
See, I did some R & D when most where high on THC/
And caught a vision in the form of Run DMC and BDP/
Because KRS was the one before VH could get in line/
Behind the music, but today itís really the music thatís behind/
I find T & A on NBC without a question/
So I tune into PBS to try to teach my child a lesson/
Cats run weapons from Route 66 to the BQE/
I push my beliefs over beats in encoded mp3ís/
I praise G-O-D for the O2 I get to breathe/
And for the way he reads my heart and my mind like ESP/
While you communicate collectively, still youíre all alone/
Your world minus the most high is monotoneÖ