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Mars ILL - Who Will Answer
(from the album Raw Material)
© copyright Uprok Records/Sphere of Hip Hop Records/Mars ILL

(manCHILDís parts only)

I think, therefore I am fresh, stand next to the next man/
And can bless fans, decks and mics/
Come correct like I was right, but when I write sometimes Iím wrong/
So I confess over beats I rock on/
And rock on like gravel even though Iíve got it locked like lock stock and barrel/
God still watches the sparrow from the deep down to the shallow/
Blaze mics like Iím John Wayne plain blazing the saddle/
Must break straighter than an arrow to uprock on the narrow/
Apparel, sack and ashes, but deserve 10,000 lashes from 10,000 fascists for my sins/
To burn like 10,000 matches enter into my world/
Where I do what I hate and the man I want to be escapes me/
And I wonder to myself, was God tripping when He made me?/
Am I off or am I crazy? Am I lost or am I lazy?/
Days from where I keep him, Iím falling off the deep end/
Iím looking for the weekend to slow down and try to keep ends/
Meeting but the gap is 10 feet, I want to dine where the richest men eat/
I canít stand it, whereís my seat?/
At least, well, in the least Iím not marked by the beast/
Iím waiting for the Son to rise, but Iím not looking to the east/
Instead Iím looking to the feast, the last supper, rooms of upper/
Upper levels, clear of devils, place where Iíll forever settle/
Heart is heavier than metal for the lost souls tossed/
Hard rocks scared of being soft, theyíll burn like molotovs/
A Holocaust, they canít see the cost paid, the cascade/
They canít see whoís the boss, they canít see the last days/
On and off the track plays, drowned out by gat sprays/
So I look to the sky and wonder, what would Dad say?/
I look to the sky and wonder what would Dad say?/
I look to the sky and pray, what does Dad say?

From the caverns of the mind, we wander on and stumble blind/
Wade through the tangled maze of starless nights and sunless days/
Looking for some kind of a clue for what to do/
Hoping for the road to lead us to the truthÖ