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T-Bone - Thief in tha' night
(from the album Tha life of a hoodlum)

to all my homeboys and homegirls I say you better get right
(cuz when Christ comes back its like a thief in tha' night)

Not good enough, is the thought thats dwellin' in my mind. I thought that I could see but I
was really spiritually blind. Goin' ta' Church on Sunday, then Monday, smokin' on a spliff
an' still be thinkin' I could up lift, the name of Christ wit' my hands waived up in da' air.
Livin' a double life and swearin' tha' Lord was in one accord. Wit' all the things that I chose
to do. But servin' two gods homie be like bein' a blood and you be sportin' blue. You say
it ain't true homie don't take it from me. Read it yo'self Matthew chapter 7 21-23. It
happened to me a pastors kid never did a bid. Thinkin' I could live a lukewarm life, and
carry a knife, in my left hand. And in my right carry a Bible. Shout revival, then shake it
twice for my survival. But little did I know that it would all come to an end. Walkin home
from school on a Friday with a unsaved friend. I seen my dads car wrecked down the
street, so I ran to see if he was alive, but no one was inside. I couldn't believe my eyes,
what was goin' on? So I ran to the house to see if I could get tha' info from my Mom. The
door was wide open so ran frantically down the hall, shoutin' and screamin', but no one
seemed to hear my call. Was I dreamin', or could it really be? The rapture happened and
the Lord took everyone except for ME?! I dropped to my knees and prayed, but couldn't
feel the spirit. The way I could before when he was knockin' at my hearts door. So here I
am alone in a world thats straight up dark. And if I want to buy some clothes or eat they
say that I got to take the mark. Now its my choice take it or starve I quickly take my pick.
I choose to rob and steal steal cuz I'll never take the six six six!! I jump in a stolen car, get
on the freeway headin' east. Cuz they'll cut off my head if I don't take the mark of the beast.

Its 3 months later, in an abandoned building I live. Constantly duckin' an' dodgin' cuz I'm
known as a fugitve. I'm frustrated mentally aggrivated but I gotta last cuz I know Jesus ain't
comin back for a second pass. I blast just to stay alive I'm goin' insane. Cuz like Ice-T ta'
me its all about surviving the game. If I would have only searched for it from the start when
I had a chance I wouldn't be here suffrin' for all the things that I did in the past. But I
thought the life I lived in Gods eyes was enough. To go to church on Sunday and keep my
Bible from collecting dust. Whats going on, I'm surrounded I guess they found my hiding
place. Cuz all I see is uzis glocks and nines pointed at my face. They say renounce your
God or die. So I reply the Lord is my savior as the tears run down my eyes. My time has
finally come I guess I'm ret'ta'go. To my fathers paradise a place where sinners will never
know. They walk me up the platform its execution time. Now on the Heavenly stage is the
only place I rhyme. They lay me down its only seconds 'til I'm gone and dead, "Please God
have mercy" somebody catch my head...