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Mars ILL - Sphere of Hip-Hop Pt. 1
(from the album Raw Material)
© copyright Uprok Records/Sphere of Hip Hop Records/Mars ILL

Verse 1:
Itís there and itís here, itís far and itís near/
All my hopes and all my fears are manifested in the sphere/
Itís distorted but itís clear, itís my enemy and my peer/
Itís as wack as radio rap and itís doper than Premier/
Itís all of what you see and itís all of what you hear/
Itís Def Jams, itís So So Def, itís On Def Ears/
It makes you cheer and lets you chill, it saves and it kills/
Itís unbelievably creative and itís run of the mill/
Itís fake and itís real, itís politics and itís skills/
It takes up all my money, but it pays all of my bills/
Still itís simple to decipher and difficult to discern/
Itís hip-hop, itís paid in full, itís hard to earn/
Itís you must learn and I got it made, itís whoís the man/
Itís brothers gotta work it out, itís parents just donít understand/
Itís overblown and underhanded, Pacific to Atlantic/
Watching all your dreams get shattered and all your wishes granted/
Where ignorance runs rampant and knowledge reigns supreme/
Where loyaltyís highly regarded but everybody switches teams/
Itís closet aficionados and Itís microphone fiends/
Itís where we say what we mean by any means for Elohim/
Itís all that you despise and everything that you hold dear/
Itís war and peace, itís this and that, itís hip-hop and itís the sphere/
Itís all that you despise and everything that you hold dear/
Yin and Yang, itís love and hate, itís hip-hop and itís the sphereÖ

Verse 2:
Itís up and itís down, Itís free and itís bound/
Itís sight and itís sound, itís mainstream, itís underground/
Profound and common sense, itís past and present tense/
Itís dollars, itís cents itís guilt itís innocence/
Itís bent and itís sober, itís on my mind and on my shoulders/
Itís the Bronx, itís Queensbridge, I forgot, the bridge is over/
Itís New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minnesota/
Itís hip-hop, itís even freaking North and South Dakota/
Itís contained within my headphones but still it blows my speakers/
Itís big willie wannabes and itís Poor Righteous Teachers/
Itís living for the moment and itís dying over nothing/
Itís weíre all in the same gang and itís headed for self destruction/
Itís tougher than leather, itís no one can do it better/
Itís ripping a freestyle and itís your writtens to the letter/
Itís a sling and a stone and itís fully automatic/
Itís the sphere of hip-hop, peace to PlasticÖ