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Mars ILL - Touch and Go
(from the album Raw Material)
© copyright Uprok Records/Sphere of Hip Hop Records/Mars ILL

(manCHILDís parts only)

Heads rush and faces blush when the fader gets touched/
Thereís not much time to rhyme and sometimes itís not enough/
Touch mics, touch Christ, when we speak life through songs/
Itís tough to touch lives and then to have to move onÖ

Verse: manCHILD
Iím breaking the monotony, give heads frontal lobotomies/
My melody is harmony, thoughts darker than mahogany/
Iím letting the rhythm hit em with pendulum swings Iím thinking/
Break the maximum down to minimum, these battles, Iíll keep winnin em/
Vocal ships Iím sinking, sendin em home with pink slips/
Taking their jobs in the interim, sign autographs with ink tips/
Delinquent micro-marathon, the dawn of information/
Hyperventilating on smoke signals from my nation/
Pacing myself like Reggie Miller while Iím taking/
Shots at the oppressors, politicians, pimps and pagans/
Breaking promises to children only leads to broken dreams/
We take it back to the beginning and stay fly by any means/
Itís like a chemical reaction when we enter your subliminal/
In NC-17, Restricted, PG, or General/
Collapse your ventricle, youíll live again, begin again/
Call your Congressman in Washington, say, ďitís not about the Benjamins!Ē/
Itís interesting, they start what they donít intend on finishing/
They think nobodyís listening, theyíre screaming like Sam Kennison/
Remebering my rent, I stretch my pennies to a nickel/
My mind drifts to Galgotha to see the man in the middle/
See some are fickle, they stick you, shoot you down like a pistol/
Grip, grapple mics like a shackle, down and ready for battle/
I dabble in what you like, extend the boundaries of sound/
Dialect with derelicts and give the homeless a pound/
In all this found fans and I hope they understand/
Does the man control the mic or does the mic control the man/
In all this found fans and I pray you understand/
Does the man control the mic or does the mic control the man?