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Mars ILL - Try Again
(from the album Raw Material)
© copyright Uprok Records/Sphere of Hip Hop Records/Mars

(manCHILDís parts only)

We fly the pen like a pilot when itís time to begin/
Fight to win with the power that makes the sky bend/
We got to end to make room for the Christ to begin/
If it ainít dope enough then, yo, got to try againÖ

Verse 1:
I get you up like Vivarin, an unpredictable trend/
Many men remain content with where the needle has been/
In an elliptical spin of people dying in sin/
We realize to reap our talents lies in trying again/
So I donít try to pretend that Iím phatter than him/
I just make heads come apart like a detachable limb/
And carry on like Iím collapsible overhead in your plane/
Holding titles for collateral, leaving cats with no name/
Line them up like cocaine and light them like propane/
While theyíre profane, we rock from Florida to Spokane/
Washington, Iíve watched them rock to kicks, snares and rim shots/
They think their junk is tight when itís loose like slip knots/
Yo, but I canít trip, AK, cuz everybody can change/
They could flip their whole persona ala Shirley McClain/
But we aim for the heavenlies and try to tame the 7 seas/
Because when you claim the Trinity, youíd better shoot for the stars/
Battle scars and open wounds from open mics that Iíve closed/
Open minds and open doors for all my brothers in prose/
I send cerebral celebrations with my mic and my pen/
If you donít get it, kid you guessed it, Iíma try it againÖ