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Unity Klan - Break it down
© copyright Unity Klan

Break it down what play it in the church make them say what we do a little dance everydony says what I teel you I serve christ and then you say what Im having a good time in the Lord and then you say what I say hold on prtner as the spirtit rips it up and if you keep on talking homie you gotto cut cuz revivals going on so please dont interupt now all the chirsians in the place wont youget your praise on before it gets to late the rapture happens and you gone dont forget to read and keep your faith strong and pray every day so you dont get stireed wrong on and on as the story goes we got to bricky break it down now just to let you know that your can still be saved and still rock the show cause it aint even you its God thats in control so break it down.

You wanna get the name right cuase his name is tight we gonna giv ehim praise form night to sunlight we come into your town you must see us all around were gonna preach the word and break it on down some say its a sacriafive some say its all right for me its my life to what to serve christ so I hit my knees everdya nd I pray with my wife and my two little girls as I preach to this word yo some raise and prais ehis neame with no shame I leve it up preach it up the soldars are few so I push it up on the streets for these G's and things so give it up now you see unity not affected by this industry strictly ministry no compromise we on the rise to reach our goal strictly Jesus the good news the gospel.

I give my savior all the praise cause I know hell break it down from the east to the west North and South and all around if you know this partys hit dont sit get on your feet Im praising my Jesus Christ with this brand new beat we rocks around the clock wont stop till the casket drops and if anyone should ask its jesus Christ who rocks the spot its that holy hip hop non stop till we reach the top and if anyone should ask its jesus Christ who rocks the spot so break it down.