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Unity Klan - All I need
© copyright Unity Klan

Who I need as I plead the blood of Christ on my life so open up your eyes realize hear the cries no demise devil evil wickedness dont try lies my life his plan Gods hand I stand never gonna trip dont slip I stick on the Jesus tip (echo) He got the grip (echo) so I annouce prounce the holy scrip check it in him no sin my friend with in from the top drop dont stop to rock eternity the trinty infinty all I need romans 8:39 it time to find the line and read no hieght no depth no life no death to my very last breath Gods love still left ill pass that test give God my till I find his rest yes aint nobody gonna die aint nobody gonna cry streets of gold where I reside hell wipe the tear drops from my eyes oh what a day when Jesus cracks the sky my eyes will cry no more all of my clothes will be laying on the floor.

Holy Spirit come down feel me now I pray every day stay strong my wrong make it right in my holy ride must are kill my pride so I wanna ride gotta but down on the ground gotta drown stinky flesh cant stand it gotta buck it down gotta buck it down break it up something proper be a devil stomper gotta glorify mafnify my Lord Jesus Christ thats all want to please praise and raise to please praise and raise HIGHER (4x) fly to the sky with my wings spread wide were gonna worship God the most high get on the right ride to the J side that be Jesus the number one the only one that died on the cross devil got tossed lost messing with the boss to see him on the throne high above to the devils dome with a two edge sword with the flow in the ghost with the king king of KINGS the lord lord of LORDS my Savior JESUS JESUS JESUS Gotta put it down for my Lord (4x)

Im sick of all this flesh got me caught up in all this mess Lord can I handle this test serving you the very best I guess I gots to do whats true heaven or hell what Im gonna do I better pick you without you my life is through I dont need more of me I need more of you Lord my flesh is feeling weak because the devils trying to temp me pimp me hit me down kick me down I need your strength wont you break him on down Im tired of all this mess Im in trying to do your will but I end in sin trying to do right but I end in wrong I need your strength to keep pressing on hello fello mello tempo let me get my flow here I go wanna praise the most high serve you till the day that I cry holy is the lamb the great I am the son of man and I can grab your hand seek your face in the Holy place follow your plan hold me scold me make me take me break me shake me reach me teach me meet me I cant help myself I cant fail myself all I need is Jesus Jesus Jesus no one else.