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Unity Klan - One day
© copyright Unity Klan

To my people hold on cause through the blood yet when Im weak yes we are made strong I know you wresltle with your fears demons got you bound up late nights full of tears but when your down put your hope in teh fact that hes coming back Jesus will recieve us on e day give the Lord some praise lift up his name while the background sings.

What a day it will be for me and my family when we see him face in this place eternity from the ghetto I learned how to let go put my trust in my savior when he comes I gotta go bye bye time to roll in my 64 and just to let you know he oves your soul cause in our hearts sometimes we hde emptiness and pain but I know who can feel it so call him by his name Jesus will recieve us from suffering and sorrow and the word says Joy will surly come tomorrow so follow what the Lord say to do cause in the long run it will nenefit you heaven is a place where no tmore lieing crying dieing just love and peace angels flying unity you and me can you se see soon to be ithe heavenlies.

One sweet day when I look into my fathers face my tear drops will dry dont cry cause yes I won the race every single day I pray his will to be done I fight the fight now knowing there'll be battles to be won so as I lift these holy hands unto the sky I ask myself Lord why did my Savior have to die I sigh I realize because of what he did my heart stops to beat yet my soul gets to live I givee my Savior Jesus Christ all the praise I raise my hands to him cause I know that he saves he asaved my life and turned it all around and on that day all be found standin on the holy ground when we hear the rupet sound so many people try to do thing s that bring thier own way but I say todays the day for your to pray dont wait to get lost in your sin within my friend when the rapture comes youll be left in the end

Break it down into your system make you wanna listen about the hope in jesus christ in your life is what your missing of all the things weve done and ll the things that we do but Jesus has his grace upon you so Im at peace with my homie Big T we watching TV or playing madden on the sony cause I know that one day in some way he coming back and getting the Big JU and we gone to have a Holy Ghost party hey cuz he is what I put my hope in even thought sometimes I stumble or fall in some sin he has washed me clean from the way that Ive been now thank you jesus for being my best friend tell me whats to gain in this worldly pain it might sound sweet but it ends in defeat Jesus is the only onle who can make it complete now listen to these words that I speak.