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Sup The Chemist - Gaiety
© copyright 1996, Sup the Chemist

At liberty
(speaking poetically)
what joy is to me
I'm enjoying life and its riches
though my pockets only store lint
experiencing exhilarating effects
without having to get bent
swimming in a sea of mental activity
sucking in wisdom like oxygen
traveling with no set destination
moving without the need of my participation
divine guidance and motivation imparted
knowing my future
even though I just started
entering one way
renewed when I departed
back into this heaven
knowing my purpose for livin'
as I stroll
viewing the world for my third eye
I'm conceived with the answer to why
but I still dig like an archaeologist
which is merely just to better my witness
cause I necessarily don't need this
I could just focus on the sky, trees, animals,
and seas
and believe
I'm dedicated to living inside gripping your
as I wait on the hour
watching homo sapiens quarrel over if it's
post, mid, pre,
tribulation don't scare me
I see the pale horse daily
wondering when he's gonna stop at my door
so what should I preach about the rapture for
if it happens, it happens
and that would be fresh
but if it don't
I'm gonna praise him until my death
let my body rest
at my eulogy I request for the speaker to give God the praise
and present an invitation to those who may not be saved
in the casket my body lays full of chemicals
my spirit travels instantly
entering into the unseen mystery
metaphysical, communicating, telepathically
dismayed by the people I see
and the fact that he allowed me
to enter into his presence eternally
giving me the opportunity to experience the
maximal level of gaiety
thank you God
I'm free, I'm free

At liberty
(speaking poetically)
what joy is to me

Verse 2
Receiving positive vibrations
from my poetic flows
looking upon facial expressions of gaiety at
live shows
seeing lost souls
make a public confession (to Christ)
returning the very essence (of life)
distributing my blessings
among the brethren in need
experiencing the meaning of the quote
it's better to give
than to receive
walking through storms
bound to homies
retrieving drifting dreams
encouraging others
by sharing testimonies
being a role model
for what I do and say
and see the fruit from me choosing to live this way
respecting ladies
putting smiles on their face
but quick to let them know
when they act out of place
men get treated the same
when they come fake
I don't hold onto anger
so if we must conversate
I would show you love
the only difference
in how we would relate
is we would go from hugs to handshakes
no time to ponder on
who's real
and who's phony
so I become content with being lonely
filled emotionally on
developing my identity (word)
this is my life
and how I channel my energy
Chorus 2x

Ps. 16:11; Rom. 15:13