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Knowdaverbs - Pullon empty
(from the album Action Figure)
© copyright 2000, EMD/CHORDANT

I drive not on my own understanding getting, getting gased up for advancing I deflate myself for expanding Vehicles we won be we ride full on empty.

A lot of times I feel not y'all the mood to write a song 'cause everything I've kicked around in my head it feels wrong I grab a chair, a qiuet spot a pen and empty beat and play it in dire straights to inscribe this loose leaf I flip back in my notes to parts I've wrote but never finish and sow those together in desperate need for compositions and for known reasons they never feel to tasty my word usage is all of and my rhyme pattern is all janky. What ever merry idea started with, then I'll divorce it then a light bulb pops on is it God or Verbs trying to force it . I wanna tune into a song and know its God without a doubt and keep my tank full on Christ when my self is emptied out. My job is not to think a million just to figure out a verse even in the Bible Belt you hear pants when souls thirst. If were more commercial than a break in a UPN sitcom I'd still be held accountable for every line that you hear my voice on. For a car to run at all it must stay gased up, for me to write at all I need to take the daily task up of doing what I need while staying robed in what i read ain't no harvest to collect if no farmers will throw no seed. Although my soul may still say yes it's a daily thing to wake and knock the mess out the flesh.


I plans to ride shot gun with my Lord in one accord there's transportation in his name like Chevy Chase or Harry Ford. 'cause I'd be plain out of luck baking just on what I know my mind can draw some blanks like karate champs of TaeBo. I exercise his ways, I'm Fonda(fond of ) how things work out His foolishness has been wiser than Our strongest of routes. So I surrender all and use the cross as leverage trying to scratch the surface of service being poured out beverage. To change my will it cost my life period end of story Do great things in His name so only He receives the glory. To a pescimist an empty glass is just good for no use an optimist will leave it there prepared for full on juice. Obedience keeps you from tickets in zones of speed traps so His word close and snug tight like wave caps His sovreignty is like a baby during terms that your pregnant 'cause you learn to wait on him then you feel it and expect it.