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Knowdaverbs - God is BIG
(from the album Action Figure)
© copyright 2000, EMD/CHORDANT

God is Big,Huge! Moves thru any place, God is so large he can swallow the Outer Space. God Is Big,Huge! from the start to the end, God is so large we find it hard to comprehend. God Is Big, Huge!

BIGGER than Crime in your city,
BIGGER than fiery darts,
BIGGER than projects and bigger than trailer parks.
BIGGER than a penthouse,
BIGGER than white lines,
BIGGER than green weed
BIGGER than girls that are fine.
BIGGER than income from dumb illegal stuff,
BIGGER than anything you have ever heard of.
BIGGER He's bigger than the news
BIGGER than fatal sickness
BIGGER than dopest DJ or illest lyricist.
BIGGER than your cold nights or your darkest day
BIGGER than iMac bigger than Y2K. He's
BIGGER where your from.
BIGGER than where your workin'
BIGGER than Surburbans or them new Ford Excursions.
He's BIGGER than success
BIGGER than alienation 'cause he'll rise to the occassion and revamp your situation.


He's BIGGER than any phenomenal craze that tries to enter
BIGGER than a Pee Wee or a Pokemon adventure
He's BIGGER than the 1st edition PacTel pagers bigger than the pants worn by ravers also skaters.
He's BIGGER than your 1st , 2nd, or 3rd chances.
He's BIGGER than the source that attacks your finances
He's BIGGER than the dead ends in the tightest situation bigger than any wrestling or a boxing federation. He's BIGGER than anything you'd often thought you'd never be.
He's BIGGER than the strife the enemy sows in families.
He's bigger than anything you'd often dub as a habit
BIGGER than stinking thinking of I'll always be an addict.
He's BIGGER than music business facades tricks and fables.
BIGGER than the ceo at any record label
BIGGER than me being signed or your lack of patience
BIGGER than programming directors at any radio stations.
BIGGER than the smarts encased in the brains of a genius
BIGGER than any canyon Grand four hours out of Phoenix
he's BIGGER than technology that's allowing you to hear me
BIGGER than the "Is God real"? scientific theory.
BIGGER than any question you could ever have in your mind Big like the hope you thought you lost and never find
BIGGER than "Yes, Yes hip-hop it never stops" and
BIGGER than the heads of emcee's with way to many props
He's BIGGER than "huh-what!" No bounds what he surrounds nothings
BIGGER than the name that death trembles when it's pronounced.