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Knowdaverbs - How Excellent
(from the album Action Figure)
© copyright 2000, EMD/CHORDANT

Don't forgot that...that the Name is excellent... how excellent is the Name. every knee shall bow and all tounges shall confess that Christ is the King yeah.

I long to know your ways and trace the pace that you've imprinted your living proof of grace I look for your face every minute. I chalk it up as an example of a chance I didn't miss looking back at the past from the future or present tense. As I abide in you, your search my heart for what I needed To survie like you, off every word that had proceeded. I said before I fast slow depending not on bread alone but imitate your character while pursuing to clone. They're brains are veggie if they claim your a tale that's produced even Judy must judge you guilty of nothing but fine fruits. I suppose that's why they journey on hopless capers they cant figure you out with spare hands and scratch paper. Behold as it was written God the Father sent the gift in His Word became flesh and very breath was you you livin' we were blessed with the begotten shone the light upon the spot when the scene was looking rotten just in time you seemed to pop in . mellow on your entrance, humble record was stainless certified man, genuine divine simultaneous I live more abundant since I gave you my life we're romantically invovled and I can constantly survive(repeat).

The excellency of your name can never be in question you collided with the cross and sealed it all thru resurrection. you changed the world with the assignment that had to be finished before I set foot on the earth then all my sins had been diminished. I stand unashamed and bless your name with true gratis counting it gain to be accused as Christ apparatus. How can some turn away from the magnitude of your greatness you offer refuge and strength burdens gone while feeling weightless. In the middle of your presence demons shake and get tense to me,your corner stone to others, rock of offense. You declared me with thoughts I didn't think it was such Now call me righteous your grace is way to much. Think of exchange rates its truly the best offer I confess you before men, you vouch for me before the Father. I shall enter your courts with praise and doin' rhymes 'cause its impossible to say thank you too many times.