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Boogiemonsters - Behold a Pale Horse
(from the album God Sound)

[ Mondo ]
BM's international
It's worldwide, baby
Check it out


Behold a pale horse, death is in our midst
We gotta keep on point cause we movin off course
I'm checkin for you and yours
It's hittin worldwide
We gotta maximize by eliminatin lies

[ VERSE 1: Mondo ]
Old Tommy Boy had this plan to rule the planet
First he needed some land to expand
Off the shores of Spain to maintain he set off to the western hemisphere
His first qualm was this Indian man
See, Tommy and his people knew the flav
And to really make it happen they went and got a million slaves
Stripped them off their materials and their minds
Since back home was hard to find
Gave em mortal names and fed em swine
Maximize the enterprise, and make education impossible
Pimp the men as slaves and make they shorties Jezebels
Make sure there's no more railroads underground so they can't use it
Oh yeah and don't forget - infiltrate they rap music
This plan'll hit em harder then they think, cause they don't care
Our symbols is on the back of they dollars, the end is here
And spiritually they unprepared, so we gon' break em down to slaughter
In the new (the new) the what (the what) the world, the order
I'm your poetic reporter, mundane to make it plain
You're pacified by Mary Jane, but the end is still the same
First up to bat is the man Mondo McCann
And I'ma tell it like it is, then that's your biz
No matter who you is or what you was
The very earth beneath you is gonna vanish
You and your crew and styles are gonna vanish
Without preparin out I don't know how you gon' manage
Instead of bein on safe soil you be part of the damage


[ VERSE 2: Vex ]
Word, brothers gettin snapped on, jacked on for what the rapped on
As much junk as you talk it's suprising you ain't been capped on (bo!)
In this day and time divine designs aerodynamics
Smashin panoramic world views like ceramics
Can it if you talkin that 25 to life
Cause my life is everlasting, so pass it on your strife
It takes a very small knife to cut holes in your action
I see hypocrisy like democracy, check my traction
Heads can't get with the liquid type flow
Double-edged sword slice the wind as I blow
Rip it off analog at a show without a curse
Freeze a serpent inside of ice where words did disperse
The worst of 7 plagues and burst into nothing
Y'all talkin 'bout blowin up but heads is steady frontin
What you gonna do when soldiers come snuffin - nothin
It goes B-to the double o-g-i-e
M-to the o-n-s-to the t
-e-r-s, yes, we manifest
Step into the cipher, cause yo, it's time to bless