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Boogiemonsters - The Beginning of the End
(from the album God Sound)

Livin in these last days and times, check yourself
And what you feed your mind, I know you
Can't be blind livin in the future

[ VERSE 1: Vex ]
I got Armageddon weaponry like the 7th Seal
Jahwe send me soundwaves (sshaa-sshaaa) that you feel
Hail and fire, a burning mountain, it's on
In one line, a 3rd of earth and waters are gone
Check my vocal, more hotter than sun in Alcapulco
Normany inequite splitter, and ignorance get rid of
I spitter, start into space, it's like the moon and sun
How many worthy of Heaven? No, not one
Throw the devil in a bottomless pit, judgment begin
Angel from the Euphrates killed a 3rd of his men
Then I change form, bustin in abnormal type tactics
Flippin styles like acrobatics
So who can do what he do, flip a style that's free too
With more fat formulas techniques than T2
See through falacy with my x-ray vision
Wreckin raps inside my derby like demolition
Style switch, envision my brain-splittin atoms in the track
I'm beyond critical mass, feel the lyrical blast, black
It's the P.O.W. in the lyric-proof jacket
My quicker spray richochet your racket out my bracket
From the attic of the Boogiemonsters shack
It's the revolutionary black hole sun on attack
Bring it back


[ Mondo ]
???? is pro-black and to my folks it sound silly
But it's lockdown straight from Rhode Island to Philly
As the crackdown begins, intensity reaches to the maximum
And you really get to see who is your friends
The same sneakers angle from the telephone cable
Five-o forever patrollin, my neighborhood is never stable
These days, this appears to be a concentration camp
Eliminatin welfare and still fishin for a victim
Cause from 200 down to 95th Street is all blackly populated
Then go further downtown, it ain't debated
Who inhabitates the best, come on, we segragated
But that's aight, somebody's comin like a thief in the night
The police state technique is to practice on the cattle
On the humble for that worldwide battle
Illest when I feel this, yo Domingo, slide the faders on the bass
And I'ma lay it all out in they face
Most of the Presidents was Masons with one thing in mind
To keep it in the family they must elimate the swine
And the swine is us, and whose God do +you+ trust?
It's gettin realer by the second in the future

[ CHORUS until end ]